a little known term used to described a Caucasian man, usually from the South or in particular other states that has so many small rural towns, who is considered poor and uneducated (hence another name for a white trash). Also called Jim Jones or Jim White.
*scene starts with an Asian tourist in Louisiana*

Tourist: Excuse me, sir. Could you give me the directions for Baton Rouge?

Louisiana resident: You go north and take detour in another highway after the next two exists and make a left turn at an intersection in Laurel Creek, but whatever you do don't make a stop there...

Tourist: Why not?

Louisiana resident: 'Cause that place is crawling with shed-dwelling Jimmy folks!
by legs21 February 11, 2011
A jackass or simpleton.
I went down to the DMV today....you wouldn't believe the jimmy that waited on me.
by BenjH May 17, 2006
a homosexual bitch who needs to get a clue and stop ditching his friends for gay butt sex. jimmys are usualy aregant, retarted,and a self centered bastard. they can be good looking but you tend to look at their bad qualities because he shows them to much... but is very yummy
oh my god did you just jimmy me?

"jimmy can ride me so good," said matt.

you ditched me then ignored me then you slap me when i ask about it, you are such a jimmy.
by weedman mr duncan head April 16, 2009
Usually a swindling neighborhood freeloader that steals all your money and eats hot sauce, not to be confused with bum.
"dude WTF are you doing"

I'm eating some hot sauce

"dude, that is such a JIMMY"
by Jade Johnson May 18, 2008
to constantly spill or dribble coffee without rhyme or reason
I was just raising the cup to my lips and pulled a jimmy all over my lap
by Candy Muffinbaker October 14, 2006
Another word for condoms.
"Dude, I heard theres gonna be some sluts at that party tonight, don't forget the jimmies!"
by WhoKnowssssx September 21, 2009
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