Your Cock.Penis.Meat.What ever you like to call it.
Fat Albert: "I got my jimmy waxed seven times last week!"
by AiNt BanGin June 20, 2009
A ugly asian kid with a small penis usually a teachers pet nobody likes
Jimmy: Hi, I'm Jimmy
Person 2: Fuck you asshole
by Offended White girl February 01, 2015
Another word for a very small penis, often confused with a jimmy hat (meaning condom)
Girl 1 My new boyfriend Steve is such a great guy but there is one really small problem.
Girl 2 What's is it?
Girl 1 He's got a Jimmy
Girl 2 Aww, that's too bad, I'm sure u will find a Jeremy.
by bbepper January 25, 2015
Horny but applicable to girls because saying horny isn't lady-like
"I'm feeling a little jimmy, are you down to ya know...?"
"Ugh I haven't gotten any action in like a week... i'm so jimmy"
"Yo i can tell that chick is so jimmy, she wants the D"
by Malykz December 06, 2012
A rod shaped chocolate candy for icecream popular in the Northeast U.S. and also a term for condoms in the South U.S.
Can I have some jimmies on my icecream?" "You want condoms on your icecream?" "No the candy!" "Oooh.
by allergictocats December 30, 2010
Person 1; He Doesn't Like Doing It With A Jimmy
by Kayzz99 December 12, 2013
an asshole kind of guy, always disrespects people and will most likely cheat on you. any one who dates a jimmy is in for it and is making a very poor decision.
that girls crying because she got cheated on.
well yeah she was dating a jimmy
by hollaah at me August 20, 2012

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