Horny but applicable to girls because saying horny isn't lady-like
"I'm feeling a little jimmy, are you down to ya know...?"
"Ugh I haven't gotten any action in like a week... i'm so jimmy"
"Yo i can tell that chick is so jimmy, she wants the D"
by Malykz December 06, 2012
A rod shaped chocolate candy for icecream popular in the Northeast U.S. and also a term for condoms in the South U.S.
Can I have some jimmies on my icecream?" "You want condoms on your icecream?" "No the candy!" "Oooh.
by allergictocats December 30, 2010
Person 1; He Doesn't Like Doing It With A Jimmy
by Kayzz99 December 12, 2013
an asshole kind of guy, always disrespects people and will most likely cheat on you. any one who dates a jimmy is in for it and is making a very poor decision.
that girls crying because she got cheated on.
well yeah she was dating a jimmy
by hollaah at me August 20, 2012
The very sexy and crazy member of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's phrase ''NO! Jimmy Protested!''

Who Jimmy is, nobody knows. It shall remain a mystery.

Person 1; ''Who actually is 'Jimmy'?'
Person 2; ''Er, I think it's Louis' moob or something.. Maybe he named Kevin's cousin Jimmy..''
by Harry's Girl... April 23, 2013
To move something into positiion.
Hey steve, why don't you jimmy the couch a little to the left.
by NakedJosh June 19, 2005
A gay male characterized by his flamboyant behavior.
Wow, that Jimmys hair is *fabulous*.
by Pailnisfailin December 26, 2008

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