A jackass or simpleton.
I went down to the DMV today....you wouldn't believe the jimmy that waited on me.
by BenjH May 17, 2006
a little known term used to described a Caucasian man, usually from the South or in particular other states that has so many small rural towns, who is considered poor and uneducated (hence another name for a white trash). Also called Jim Jones or Jim White.
*scene starts with an Asian tourist in Louisiana*

Tourist: Excuse me, sir. Could you give me the directions for Baton Rouge?

Louisiana resident: You go north and take detour in another highway after the next two exists and make a left turn at an intersection in Laurel Creek, but whatever you do don't make a stop there...

Tourist: Why not?

Louisiana resident: 'Cause that place is crawling with shed-dwelling Jimmy folks!
by legs21 February 11, 2011
a joint composed of mostly spice, shitty weed, heroine, meth, rolled in a leaf, soaked in windex then microwaved
I was with him and he whipped out a leaf and proceeded to make a jimmy.

when he got kicked out of the party, he went home and made a jimmy
by respusha69 December 05, 2010
A large steroid using homosexual who thinks he is the best thing ever.
Mike "Hey, have you seen Jimmy?"
Nate "oh, that homosexual guy trying to hit on that girl but can barley talk?
Tony "Man everyone hates that asshole"
by biotchbob June 24, 2010
A shy boy on the outside but a flirtatious boy on the inside that is in freaking

love with virginia but just dosnt know it yet.
by virginiasbffl2 June 04, 2009
girl jackass or girl bitch
That stupid jimmy made me pay extra!
by Besterd April 10, 2009
A word used to describe a massive character. This character is the most chumpy character in chumpsville. Not to be confused with a downie or epileptic person. Says random things that dont relate to anything in particular and most of the time doesnt make much sense. Just a downright great, loveable guy. You cant help but love tha Jim Jim.
Haha duddeeeeeeee you totally just pulled a Jimmy!!

Jimmys the mannnn.
by He'sAGoodGuyyy August 12, 2008

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