A condom or condom like item.
hey u got a jimmy? imma bang this chick real quick?
by Blinkster1 November 09, 2007
A jumpshot shot in basketball
Juniors jimmy will never be better than mine!
by yungbull December 03, 2006
A psychotic child. A twin of a lesser half evil. His spirit is claimed to still walk this earth.
Hey Jimmy boy!
by tmanasaurus February 06, 2010
A slang term for slut. Derived from a boy who had a good heart but was a manwhore. Often a joking term for slut, not a hateful one.
"Did you see him talking to that girl? She was ALL over him..."
"He can't help it. He's such a jimmy."
by 949494lovahhhh October 16, 2009
Taking a cigarette, usually menthol, and adding cocaine to the tobacco and filter. Usually smoked to give an extra numbie and numb the lungs.
Let me use that last bit of coke for a jimmy.
by nadesor November 16, 2007
tobacco in rolling paper, this could be handmade or straight from a pack with or without a filter
you wanna smoke a Jimmy?
by Jimmy from the PA September 21, 2006
a portable flash or jump drive
"Rip those files to the jimmy."
by Davezilla May 18, 2006

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