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Jimmy is the verb for ur imagination, if u cant think of the right verb Jimmy goes in its place.
'im feeling a bit jimmy, so im just gonna jimmy on down to the shops for a quick jimmy'
by Jamie987 February 14, 2008
19 37
A condom or condom like item.
hey u got a jimmy? imma bang this chick real quick?
by Blinkster1 November 09, 2007
10 28
A jumpshot shot in basketball
Juniors jimmy will never be better than mine!
by yungbull December 03, 2006
19 37
a ginger kid is beast at golf and cod, he has alll the abilities that come along with being a ginger (lazer eyes,super strength, comedy, sheep call etc.) the only downfall isthat ginger's have no soul. He is well off and owns lots of land, and he could do a hell of a lot better at being president than obama (not saying much but still). He will soon start producing a lince of action figure's known as "mini jimmy's"
have no fear mini jimmy is here!
by th3b0$$ October 18, 2010
6 25
1.(noun) A form of chocolate bootay.

2.(verb) to leap from the back of an aged unicorn.

3. (noun) The leftover peels of a blood orange

4. (noun) one who has a strange obsession for macbooks.
1. Ohhh! That girl had stuck her jimmy right in my face!

2. He jimmied down from the poor unicorn and began to prance round like an idiot.

3. He threw his excess jimmies to the ground and watched the seagulls pick at them.

4. He likes macbooks so much. What a Jimmy!
by The Child Mole Esther April 15, 2008
10 29
Taking a cigarette, usually menthol, and adding cocaine to the tobacco and filter. Usually smoked to give an extra numbie and numb the lungs.
Let me use that last bit of coke for a jimmy.
by nadesor November 16, 2007
19 38
tobacco in rolling paper, this could be handmade or straight from a pack with or without a filter
you wanna smoke a Jimmy?
by Jimmy from the PA September 21, 2006
13 32