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Trousers with an elasticated waist to make the process of sexual assault that little bit more efficient.
"Apparently that Mr Savile bloke was wearing Jimmys recording a new personal best!"
by design_hero October 18, 2012
1. Another name for a sprinkle.
2. A nickname given to a gentleman with the full name Jim.
3. To maneuver something.
1. There aren't enough jimmies on my cupcake.
2. "Hey Jimmy!"
3. "I would love to illegally take this car for a ride, but I can't seem to jimmy the door open." :(
by cowsgomoo212 May 20, 2010
One of the coolest/most badass/sexiest dudes you will ever meet. Is probably an exotic mix of nationalities, and most likely rocks the long hair. Is into all kind of activities, including but not limited to; martial arts, knife-making, grease-monkeyin' around, drumming, and just generally being way the fuck cooler than most other people you know. Jimmy is a great friend, but is notoriously hard for the female sex to break. Jimmy is, however, open to some sackalicious goodtimes and is a passionate and thoughtful lover and a lot of fun to party with. Jimmys take life seriously but can party like rockstars, and usually have Jack Daniels and some good herb on deck. Appreciates art and music and probably rocks the raddest tatts you will ever see. Jimmy probably has a crazy past and ain't the most open person ever about it, but fuck it, you don't care. Everthing else makes up for it.
I need more Jimmy in my life.

Jimmy's in town tonight? Fuck it. Let's rage!
by ~HeadOfPamelaAnderson~ April 16, 2013
A kid who is the best of all in Lacrosse. Jimmy is a kid who gets all the girls and hooks up with all the biddies. Jimmy is also a kid who is smart and is known as a true Laxer and goes to a Top 5 D 1 Lacrosse School.
"I played with Jimmy so we will win, and so after we can both get with all the biddies"
by Conbrochilllaxer May 02, 2010
A handsome,muscular man.Does incredibly well with women,one look into his eyes and they are smithen.Known to be very well hung.
by Gadji June 21, 2012
A highly retarded character from the show Southpark.
Jimmy.... jimmey, jimmey, JIMMEY, TIMMAY, JIMMY!!!
by Rainycity!! March 19, 2010
Your Cock.Penis.Meat.What ever you like to call it.
Fat Albert: "I got my jimmy waxed seven times last week!"
by AiNt BanGin June 20, 2009