an asshole kind of guy, always disrespects people and will most likely cheat on you. any one who dates a jimmy is in for it and is making a very poor decision.
that girls crying because she got cheated on.
well yeah she was dating a jimmy
by hollaah at me August 20, 2012
A rod shaped chocolate candy for icecream popular in the Northeast U.S. and also a term for condoms in the South U.S.
Can I have some jimmies on my icecream?" "You want condoms on your icecream?" "No the candy!" "Oooh.
by allergictocats December 30, 2010
man with super human like strength and kindness to match. Also has innate knowledge on how to fix things including but not limited to HVAC, Life, Love, and the Universe. He is very sweet but do not let him know this because he has to uphold his tough guy image.
My life is in ruins I wish I had a Jimmy to make everything better.
by soright81 March 03, 2010
trousers that are too short for the wearer resulting in skin being visible above the socks.
"ahhhh Jimmy jackups, Edwards trouser are too short hahaha!"

"Buy some new trousers, them jimmys are a little like shorts"
by rick oli August 09, 2005
Pittsburguese for candy sprinkles which are placed on top of ice cream.
Hughie asked for jimmies on top of his ice cream sunday.
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
A total faggot who hits on everyone no matter the sex and will use girls/guys for his own gain. He's not afraid to get dirty and is normally a pussy who quits at any sign of difficulty. He is extremely bipolar who will love someone then hate them at a moments notice. No matter what he does he will always be a short little prick.
Person 1- Dude count your poker chips.
Person 2- I lost 30 cents I quit!
Person 1- Come on man don't pull a Jimmy.
by broncosfan43 March 09, 2013
The unfortunate byproduct of flatulence during oral sex. Jimmies are a coating of shit particles resembling confectionery sprinkles that result when the receiver of oral sex lays a wet and juicy fart on the giver during the oral sex act.

Depending on the partner with flatulence and any prior sexual acts performed prior to the oral sex, the Jimmies may be of the "chocolate" variety, ie, plain shit; or, if there has been a disturbance to the colon and/or rectum, the Jimmies may be of the "rainbow" variety, ie, red, white and various combinations thereof.
Dude, I was going down on my old lady the other day and she pelted me with with a shot of Jimmies.
by GB2000 March 08, 2010
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