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A person who likes to give firm handshakes.
He also likes to jerk the turkey.
He is addicted to welches fruit snacks.
"Jimmy, I don't feel like a firm handshake today"
by mysteryofmass25 August 21, 2012
8 5
Probably the coolest guy alive. Tall, slim, easy on the eyes. His intense confidence may be intimidating at first, but you'll learn to love it, just like you'll love the rest of him. His sarcastic remarks and hilarious but seriously fucked up jokes are the life of the party. He's also got a soft spot underneath all that toughness. He loves giving advice and is very trustworthy. Can also be cocky at times, in both meanings... ;)
awesomesarcastichot I wish I was like a jimmy
by Your momm November 17, 2013
4 2
An absolute beast, monster, and warrior.
by bluecake1 February 28, 2012
7 5
A amazing boy who hides his feelings and is very manly around his friends but when someone needs his help or he sees someone in pain he does everything he can to help them

He is a nice and sweet but very weird sometimes his weirdness will scare you but in the end he is always there for you and anyone is lucky to have him as a friend
That is for sure a jimmy
He is the best friend anyone can have (jimmy)
by Clarie lucker November 21, 2013
2 1
A figurative sense of the madness level. A Jimmie is something that can be rustled, and when it gets rustled you go mad. Different people have different amounts of jimmies and can have them rustled easier.
Phil: Dang bro that guys mad...

Opie: Na bro hes not only mad hes hopping mad, or even cheesed.

Phil: Yeah man, his face is getting red.
Opie: He must be getting pretty hot under the collar.
Phil: Do you think his jimmies are rustled?
Opie: Definitely, there's no way they aren't.
Phil: We'd better get out of here.
Opie: Ill catch up, I haven't seen someone ever so acrimoniously rustled.
by Irate Steel December 11, 2013
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Person 1; He Doesn't Like Doing It With A Jimmy
by Kayzz99 December 12, 2013
0 2
A total faggot who hits on everyone no matter the sex and will use girls/guys for his own gain. He's not afraid to get dirty and is normally a pussy who quits at any sign of difficulty. He is extremely bipolar who will love someone then hate them at a moments notice. No matter what he does he will always be a short little prick.
Person 1- Dude count your poker chips.
Person 2- I lost 30 cents I quit!
Person 1- Come on man don't pull a Jimmy.
by broncosfan43 March 09, 2013
4 6