There are many types of Jimmy of different shapes and character. However, the typical Jimmy is one the most friendly guys you will ever meet with the biggest Pea List you can ever find in a straight guy. He is smart and sort of nerdy, but witty and cute at the same time. And of corse, he has awesome eyes and armpit hair. Look at that Jimmy in that nice big office!
Jimmy can be a garbologist.

Jimmy can be a guy in the street.

Jimmy can be a soldier.

Jimmy can be a law enforcement officer.
by dinkydai September 28, 2011
Jimmy means sly and underhanded.

Jimmy means retarded and will never amount to anything in life.

A Jimmy will seriously try to ruin the life of a friend who is happy.

Jimmy is totally useless and fucked up in the head so ... he isn't worth the finger power to type anymore insults about him.
Hmmm where can I take this guy to fuck him?

Oh, I know, because I am such a whore and my ex is such a Jimmy he will let me use his bed. He really is a Jimmy!

He is retarded dude ... He is such a Jimmy!

Even though I know my good friend is happy with his current girlfriend I am going to allow my ex girlfriend to use my bedroom to try and seduce him. Hopefully this will end the relationship and my good friend can be like me ... A loser! I am such a Jimmy!

He is one ugly mofo and has a terrible annoying voice and accent ... He is a Jimmy!
by Dinkums August 20, 2011
absolute beast that takes on any challenge and gets the ladies!!!!
jimmy absolutely owned that guy!
by the grapist!!!! July 25, 2010
rod shaped chocolate for ice cream
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
small pieces of colored sugar or candy that are scattered over the surface of ice cream, cakes, or cookies as a decoration. Pittsburghese
"Can i have jimmies on my cupcake ma?"
by DeAndre December 01, 2005
One of the coolest/most badass/sexiest dudes you will ever meet. Is probably an exotic mix of nationalities, and most likely rocks the long hair. Is into all kind of activities, including but not limited to; martial arts, knife-making, grease-monkeyin' around, drumming, and just generally being way the fuck cooler than most other people you know. Jimmy is a great friend, but is notoriously hard for the female sex to break. Jimmy is, however, open to some sackalicious goodtimes and is a passionate and thoughtful lover and a lot of fun to party with. Jimmys take life seriously but can party like rockstars, and usually have Jack Daniels and some good herb on deck. Appreciates art and music and probably rocks the raddest tatts you will ever see. Jimmy probably has a crazy past and ain't the most open person ever about it, but fuck it, you don't care. Everthing else makes up for it.
I need more Jimmy in my life.

Jimmy's in town tonight? Fuck it. Let's rage!
by ~HeadOfPamelaAnderson~ April 16, 2013
a slang term used for sprinkles
I want jimmys on my ice cream!
by CHRISP10888 September 12, 2006

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