A very common girls name, but in my case this Jessica is a tom-boy and not a girly-girl, she is always eager to draw and sing, she is always there for her friends and can be hurt very easily, she dosn't show her feelings to much people but her closest friends out of fear she will be hurt more than she already is.
Jessica's can have some anger management and will lose her sanity once in a while but her friends will pull her out of insanity's hold.
Jessica is not very proud at times for who she is and is bullied at times as we'll she loves lots of things.
Usally hates the color pink!
Jessica is very blessed
by Pikachu8Meowth November 17, 2014
a little butt
haha that's quite the Jessica that girl has there
by japple October 22, 2014
A common basic girl name.
She usually has long hair & little arms & legs. Girls with this name liked to be called "Jessie"
Look it's Jessica!
by _sk8t3rgirlz July 28, 2014
A Jessica is a girl who thinks every female wants her man, when in fact no one wants him because she's been with him and his friends
She's a Jessica always thinking someone is trying to get with him, even though she was with his boy the other night
by Thatgirljay November 06, 2014
A small, unintentional crimp or wave in your hair, usually at the back of the head where hair is the thickest and least visible to the eye. This occurs when a section of hair is missed while straightening.

Named after Jessica Simpson and her signature arm wave used when belting out a song but not to be confused with the much larger Christina.
You've got some jessicas goin on back there.
by acceb August 10, 2007
Bitch, mean and horrible slut
Jessica's a bitch
by Pineapple honey July 10, 2014
Annoying as hell, and can't mind her own damn business.

Chews gum loud af while she talks. Will stare at you for 5 minutes giving you the dirtiest look you have ever seen.
Jessica won't leave me alone, like damn hoe, don't you got other things to do.
by lilhomie23 May 28, 2014

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