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Marijuana grown outdoors. Inferior to indoor, but better than mids. Typically runs about $45 an eighth.
For the ski trip in New Hampshire me and my friend could either get a quarter of outdoor or a half of mids. I am so glad we didn't get the mids. Quality over Quantity.
by Barack Obama February 22, 2008
homeless and sleeping outdoors or outside, such as on the street or in the woods.
Hey, man, I'm outdoors...can you let me stay at your place?
by blizz48 May 22, 2009
Marijuana grown outside, usually without the aid of hydroponics, nutrient regulators, and other modern amenities used to grow marijuana. Outdoor buds have a varying range of quality, since it all depends on the conditions of the environment during the plants life.
A: Got any more haze, dude?

B: I'm all out, man. But we can try this outdoors shit I've been growing in my backyard...
by FriendlyWalrus July 16, 2006
The butt, the anus, the backdoor. Used to describe anal sex>
"Olga likes to get it in the outdoor."
by Fernando Anando October 26, 2007
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