A beautiful, sweet athletic, nice, and caring girl. She has the friends that she needs and loves them all. She has an amazing boyfriend and loves to help out. All her friends love her and they are always there for her. She is always there for her friends too. She would never backstab anyone and loves pretty much every living thing. She isn't a girly girl but isn't a tomboy either. She doesn't like to hang around the popular people but she doesn't hate them. She needs to wear either glasses or contacts and is born in December. She loves basketball and wants to become a P.E teacher. Jessica is one of the nicest people/friend you will ever meet or have. Boys love her, they flirt with her all the time but she doesn't take that to heart. The only boy she loves is her boyfriend Matthew. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a Jessica in their life is truly blessed.
Matthew- Did you see that hot girl over there?
Boe- Ya that's Jessica she is a total babe isn't she.
Matthew- Totally I amgoing to go ask her out.
by Basketball12 February 23, 2015
Jessica is a nice, loving person that loves animals. Is beautiful, cute, tall and pretty. Usually friend with blonds just like the name patricia.
Hi Jessica, your pretty
by shvachadcvady February 09, 2015
A girl who resembles a ray of sunshine with only a few friends, but is very likable. This girl likes to go by bægg
Whoa my gosh, that girl is so perky she's definitely a Jessica
by happydragon0218 April 16, 2015
Jessica is absolutely gorgeous, fun and a loving BUT she is a pathological lair and is a back saber when she is envious or jealous of you.
Person 1: Dude! you know that girl Jessica?!?
Person 2: YES!! she told me this ridiculous story about seeing a unicorn and that she use to be a foster home to it. It was obviously a lie. I don't know why she lied to me though! she is super chill and fun!
Person 1: Dude she told me the same story but it was completely different, it was more realistic.
by super Nova April 29, 2015
A common basic girl name.
She usually has long hair & little arms & legs. Girls with this name liked to be called "Jessie"
Look it's Jessica!
by _sk8t3rgirlz July 28, 2014
Jessica. The biggest bitch you will ever meet. Jessica's are usually self concious and take out their family issues, or problems on other people to make others miserable. She will make up rumours to bring herself to the top and is very convincing with all her lies. Jessica's are usually bitches and are not to be around never trust them.
Jessica: did you mean fat slut
by cabsogical April 18, 2015
a little butt
haha that's quite the Jessica that girl has there
by japple October 22, 2014

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