This is a common female name.
They are commonly known to be shy at first but then they can't stop talking.
This girl is hot and a heart taker.
They get really upset when someone doesn't pay attention to them.
And are late to realize how much someone cares for them.
Look jessica is a drama queen.
Yeah, she makes things to complicated.
by isher September 23, 2015
The girl Jessica is the hottest person you will ever see she will walk around with her gang/squad and she will make you fall for her and she will never care what other people think and guys will fall for her and if she likes you,you have to like her back because you never know when she falls in love with someone else
Yo Jessica is so hot
by Ask April 24, 2016
A blonde girl who loves Arabs and jelly doughnuts.
She's a Jessica.

I know right.
by mr. omario May 24, 2016
A bitch that tells you what to do as you are currently doing it
This bitch is being a Jessica
by ass licker 679 May 31, 2016
A common name for a girl normally born in September- December. She is normally quite insecure about her looks and just everything that makes her her. She is normally quite bad looking and has a very annoying voice. And although she loves her fellow friends and her lovers very much, she finds it hard to keep secrets.
me: hey who's that loner over there?
other girl: Dunno probably Jessica . but dont tell her about last night with you know who.
me: why?
other girl: the whole school will be getting you baby clothes
by JO - Jessica+ Owen forever April 17, 2016
the BIGGEST sult you will ever know
guy1: woah is jessica even wearing any pants?
guy2: damn her ass looks like my grandmas...
girl1: such a fucking slut!
by ballinhard5 April 12, 2016
An annoying brat that does what she wants and is usually wrong. She thinks she is right in every circumstance, and forces her way to get what she wants. Don't ever try to encounter a Jessica. JUST RUN, RUN, and RUN even further. Meeting a Jessica is like entering a vortex of HELL
RUN, RUN, Jessica's coming!
by JJADGAM D March 28, 2016
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