A butt, anus, or ass
Ow...I have a sharp pain in my jesse.
by dj sick turtle April 01, 2014
A Guy who is sure of his sexuality while all his friends question it. A total douche at times.He thinks he's always right and is a bit of an alcoholic. This type of person usually loves biology and video games. Also has a shitty taste in fashion.
That Jesse is weird.
by 1102-1103 September 17, 2014
Jesse is the most nicest guy someone could ever meet. He's good looking and amazing at everything. He always knows how to put a smile on a girl's face. He's very adorable and knows what to say to a girl to make them happy. He's everything a girl would ever need. I'm glad I have a Jesse of my own.
Jesse, I love you.
by Supersingh19 June 18, 2014
Jesse's are usually a crazy, semi-redneck kind of kid, he is nice and you could abuse a Jesse all day long and would give less shits than Whinnie the Pooh. He is easy to make laugh and somehow has wheels when you wouldn't ever think so. With Jesse, it's either you hate him or you think he's awesome. Cow
Look at that kid blowing up things, and pissing that Isaac kid off, what a damn Jesse
by Chicken20000 November 09, 2013
Fun, Nice , NOT GAY . Can cheer you up when you're down. Hot and Cute. You wish you knew a Jesse. Likes to joke around and laugh, but teases alot too.
Girl1: Ugh, I'm so bored. I wish Jesse was here.

Girl2: You know a Jesse? Lucky you.
by ZeCookie September 29, 2013
A guy who is a total boss. He has the illest ride on the street. The sexiest body of all the posers around him. And all the girls flock to him and want to be on his dick. This is the man every other guy wants to be but they never can be.
Guy 1: "Did you see those two hot chicks all over me at the party yesterday?"

Guy 2: "Heck yeah, you looked like a total Jesse!"
by Not A Guy Named Jesse August 05, 2012
Metrosexual charming guy. All love him but he's too much of a cocky bastard to choose just one girl. He's got to have at least 4 of them. He's musical and talented but short and childlike. Jesses tend to attract many people them with either their devastatingly good looks or their personality. You will never be disappointed when you've got a Jesse around. You might have to buy him some boots to make up for his height. Jesses overall are pretty cool.
"He's a total Jesse you guys!"
by hiyouarenotme December 31, 2011

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