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one who screws you over, is mean to you, and gave you hope but ripped it away either quickly or slowly over a long period of heartbreaking time
usually the one you are most in love with and think you need.....
by nfg May 09, 2005
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A person who can break hearts easily. Because they are so beautiful everyone wants them, but not everyone can have them.

An affectionate way to say somebody is adorable or good looking.

Somebody who breaks or hurts peoples hearts/emotions
"Aww aren't you just the heartbreaker" followed by the pinching of cheeks
by NathanialD July 24, 2009
A bloody good Led Zeppelin song with crushing bass, awesome drums (live) and such an amazing freakin guitar solo.
"Yo man have you heard Heartbreaker by Mariah Carrey?"

"No.. as a matter of fact.. DIE"
*Busts out into Heartbreaker guitar solo.. then.. person one.. dies.. mysteriously..*
by Timmy Page June 08, 2005
a person who likes to breaks hearts for fun
Christian Vigo
by William McKinley September 16, 2003
1. Someone who breaks hearts.
2. An beautiful woman/handsome man who is completely out of your league.
1. That guy has a lot of girlfriends, he's a heartbreaker.
2. Look how gorgeous that woman is, she's such a heartbreaker, I know I have no chance with her.
by yourface1985 June 04, 2009
A person whom is addicted to/or has done the bad CRIME of breaking ones heart who loved them.
jake is a heartbreaker!
by confidential March 27, 2004
a person who makes someone feel bad or sad
athan is a heart breaker
by la la la la la la June 10, 2003

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