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the best person alive. has an incredibly large penis. any person alive that has a jesse in their life is extremely lucky. makes sex incredible
jolene: im so lucky i have a jesse in my life
hailey: what
jolene: yeah bitch i have a jesse
hailey: lucky bastard
by iiKayla October 27, 2012
A nice chill guy who can get with the chicks but prefers to relax and wait for them to come to him. They are equipped with a nice size cock the ladies love. Who is a cool guy to be around, very lovable, and very fun.
Yo, that guy is super cool and chill
Yea man, bet he is a Jesse.
by Titeass gal November 15, 2011
THE ultimate swooper. Don't let him near your girl, because he will take her and your future girl.
Guy: My girl left me :'(
Friend: What happened?
Guy: Jesse
by mkevinez October 09, 2011
The most amazing guy you will ever meet!! He's sooo sweet and can make you laugh no matter what, he won't let you down. Also he normally is in band and he tends to be the cutest guy you will ever meet. Being close to one is amazing... Everyone needs a Jesse
1: Jesse is the sweetest most amazing guy ever

2: That guys really sweet, I bet he's a Jesse.
by Morgiee August 01, 2012
Jesse is an individual, a person who just wants to live life the way he wants. Someone who knows what he wants, pays attention to the signs and finds the love in the eyes of another interesting individual. Jesse's are known as gods looking to find their goddess mainly by the name Alexandra or Lexie. Hippie to the death and a always a cool dude. He's got his name written all over the stars and will never end up alone. Jesse's typically tend to get confused and somtimes trys to ignore the things he knows he shouldnt have, but once he see's them again the water and air tend to collide to create somthing so very wonderful. He's the sunshine to the world and loves a girl who's has the same type of wavelength, his love is immortal and the stars are no lie, your supposed to be with her or bad things will happen..
stranger- hey Alexandra(Lexie) who is that?
Alexandra- it's jesse
Stranger- go talk to him

Alexandra- fate will do that, it's written in the stars

* where supposed to be together *
by Thedayhemetabellydancer July 02, 2012
Literally the greatest guy you will ever meet. He's a juggalo and girls can't help but fall for him. He has beautiful blue eyes and an amazing smile. Girls are often jealous of his girlfriend because she has what they want. He won't cheat on his girlfriend EVER and he is just an amazing guy.
Girl 1: Damn did you see Jesse today?
Girl 2: Yeah, he was with his girlfriend.
Girl 3: I wish I was her.
by KB_48 February 19, 2013
A butt, anus, or ass
Ow...I have a sharp pain in my jesse.
by dj sick turtle April 01, 2014