A midget that looks and sounds like a demented Weasel, that suffers from Erectile Dysfunction, likes Anal, usually has a penis no longer than 2 - 3 Inches and likes to dream about fucking Animals.
Damn! That guy is acting like a Jesse.
by The Pussy Cat September 26, 2015
the sexiest animal you will ever see
i just ran into a Jesse.. I will never be the same it was sooo sexy!
by yevette June 28, 2012
He is an complete idiot who has no sense of human kind he his the worst type of person who tries to get all the girls but fails miserably and he is an huge pervert. Also he has a small wenie
Jesse sucks
by Freddy is ready June 29, 2016
Jesse's are usually a crazy, semi-redneck kind of kid, he is nice and you could abuse a Jesse all day long and would give less shits than Whinnie the Pooh. He is easy to make laugh and somehow has wheels when you wouldn't ever think so. With Jesse, it's either you hate him or you think he's awesome. Cow
Look at that kid blowing up things, and pissing that Isaac kid off, what a damn Jesse
by bob the gobby November 09, 2013
keeps other peoples hands warm with his hair ;)
silly colour blind ranga, love you jesse :D

lol jks sophie does

mmm bali
"random: my hands are cold...."
"jesse: dont worry ill help! touch my head"
"mmm bali"
by mmmbali November 28, 2011
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