Some kid, usually a freshman that will beat the fuck out of you.
That Jesse kid just made Ricardo eat shit
by Derek10 October 09, 2014
Jesse is the most nicest guy someone could ever meet. He's good looking and amazing at everything. He always knows how to put a smile on a girl's face. He's very adorable and knows what to say to a girl to make them happy. He's everything a girl would ever need. I'm glad I have a Jesse of my own.
Jesse, I love you.
by Supersingh19 June 18, 2014
Pretty much the coolest girl ever, you talk to her for just a little while and you see how much of a cute and kind girl she really is. She has good taste in music and style, and is super good looking, there is no girl like an Jesse. She is innocent but in a good way.
"Dude, is your name Jesse? Because you so hot!"
by psychic rock chick November 03, 2014
Metrosexual charming guy. All love him but he's too much of a cocky bastard to choose just one girl. He's got to have at least 4 of them. He's musical and talented but short and childlike. Jesses tend to attract many people them with either their devastatingly good looks or their personality. You will never be disappointed when you've got a Jesse around. You might have to buy him some boots to make up for his height. Jesses overall are pretty cool.
"He's a total Jesse you guys!"
by hiyouarenotme December 31, 2011
Popular girl's name, but also occasionally used to indicate a pink-cheeked little white boy who thinks he's got pumps.
Jeff: DUDE I just saw a nymph. She was gorgeous with long blonde hair!
TJ: Was she apple-cheeked and doing aerobic exercises?
Jeff: Yeah! You saw her too??
TJ: Lol you saw a Jesse

Trish: OMG did you hear about how Justin Bieber made it to the list of the world's most beautiful women??
Alec: Yeah but did you see how Jesse Bieber made it to first?
by nillanigga001 June 27, 2013
A man who has yet to grow up. Wants to date and treat you like a queen, make you his wife and then turn his back on you. Sits around all day and plays on his phone or computer while his wife is tending to children or cleaning the house. Used to look nice and care about his appearance, but once he gets married, he lets himself go, goes bald and gets fat. He even tries to make his wife shave his back!
Too aggressive in bed and has a pencil dick!
OMG, I went home with this guy the other night and his dick was SO JESSE!

That guy on the beach over there in the Speedos with all the back hair is SUCH A JESSE!
by ROTFL January 21, 2014
the sexiest animal you will ever see
i just ran into a Jesse.. I will never be the same it was sooo sexy!
by yevette June 28, 2012

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