Some kid, usually a freshman that will beat the fuck out of you.
That Jesse kid just made Ricardo eat shit
by Derek10 October 09, 2014
A Guy who is sure of his sexuality while all his friends question it. A total douche at times.He thinks he's always right and is a bit of an alcoholic. This type of person usually loves biology and video games. Also has a shitty taste in fashion.
That Jesse is weird.
by 1102-1103 September 17, 2014
A butt, anus, or ass
Ow...I have a sharp pain in my jesse.
by dj sick turtle April 01, 2014
keeps other peoples hands warm with his hair ;)
silly colour blind ranga, love you jesse :D

lol jks sophie does

mmm bali
"random: my hands are cold...."
"jesse: dont worry ill help! touch my head"
"mmm bali"
by mmmbali November 28, 2011
he is always tall, has dark blue eyes, has medium brown hair,energetic,usually has a last name of a past president,wears old beat up romeos,has a nike blue sweatshirt that he cherishes,a small town guy, likes riding fourwheelers, parents are divorced,not very great in school,
man that guy is jesse
by bhncjuisgh November 17, 2014
Pretty much the coolest girl ever, you talk to her for just a little while and you see how much of a cute and kind girl she really is. She has good taste in music and style, and is super good looking, there is no girl like an Jesse. She is innocent but in a good way.
"Dude, is your name Jesse? Because you so hot!"
by psychic rock chick November 03, 2014
Metrosexual charming guy. All love him but he's too much of a cocky bastard to choose just one girl. He's got to have at least 4 of them. He's musical and talented but short and childlike. Jesses tend to attract many people them with either their devastatingly good looks or their personality. You will never be disappointed when you've got a Jesse around. You might have to buy him some boots to make up for his height. Jesses overall are pretty cool.
"He's a total Jesse you guys!"
by hiyouarenotme December 31, 2011

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