1.) The Lord Is Here
2.) The Most Amazingly Perfect Person Put On This Earth. He Is Smart, Humoruous, Cute, And Loving. Puts Others Before Himself All The Time. Deserves The World. He Can Be Shy, And Outgoing. He Can Always Put A Smile On Your Face. Very Athletic, To The Point Of Being A Jock. But He Is Understanding Of Others Feelings. Protective Of The Ones He Loves. Very Dominate Personality But, At The Same Time Can Be Fairly Passive. Always Honest, Loyal, And Perfect. Smarts Are In His Blood. He Is Loved By All. Especially, His Girl.
by Sandy.Crack.Loves.Stubby.Legs August 11, 2011
A passionate, intelligent and thoughful man. He is awesome, he will inspire you to live life with courage and becomes that light of hope that awakens the soul.The one who captures his heart is a lucky one and should only feel pride and love to be with him. He desserves only the best.
I am thankful to have a Jesse in my life
by Thrillme October 06, 2012
Name given at birth to children who are special. Be it that they like to play with boats in their front yard, or maybe they like to travel across the country....a boy with this name is never one of the crowd.
No! Go for it girl! He's a Jesse.
by Vanessa McHatin November 06, 2010
ohkayy , he is crazy , funny , so adorable , and is the best guy friend you will ever find ! he is an awesome guitarist and can play almost anything !
he always makes everybody laugh , even on the worst days ever he can turn yours into the best !
you cant stay mad at him haha .
he is irreplacable and is modern peter pan !

he gives the best advice ever and he is SO SWEET !
jesse ! is my bestie !
by one of jesse's besties; July 18, 2009
A kid with dirty blonde hair and eyes like emerald hazel. Caring to an unbecoming nature, these people embody the nurturing spirit. Jesse's are all macho and bluster on the exterior, get to know them and they are incredibly loyal and caring creatures. When they get tired they are known to be squishy and cuddly.

Incredible people to befriend, Jesse's have infectious smiles and incredible strength of character. They aren't afraid of hard work and will stubbornly apply their total will towards accomplishing a goal.
Gifted in the arts of romance, Jesse's are horrible romantics and desire to fix all that is broken before them.
Jesse is the perfect friend to have, will always have your back. Faithful to the end.
That kid is amazing, I knew when I saw him he must be a Jesse
by WornLover December 13, 2012
In any teen chickflick, book, and or TV show, Jesse is always the sexy, bad-boy lady killer.
Bad-boys named Jesse in Prom, Hannah Montana, Full House, etc.
by there no badboy named frank April 13, 2011
A true, genuine heartbreaker. He'll come across as irresistible, addictive, loving, kind, soft and sweet spoken, passionate, romantic, everything you've ever dreamed of. If you're with a Jesse and wish to stay with him, hold him close, don't tell him things you think he wants to hear, tell him things you know is true and honest. Don't lie to him. Don't wish anything bad upon him or anyone close to him. In the end, he will break your heart and it will take months if not years to get over him.
Jesse M broke my heart
by Fischer09 March 18, 2013
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