a jesse is an awsome kid who is capabel of many things that are unbelievable to find in one lil person
hes a very smexii boy who has alot on him mind....might dislike some people but still have the spunk to still be friends and umm hes one smarty/fatty acid
-jesse's may change the world
- "omg did u see that guy yesterday?"..."oh yea he was so bangable"
by Marina Avetisova January 02, 2008
A player who goes from girl to girl.
Jesse was just with Chloe !
Now he is with Alyssa?!
by Peisonbdd March 27, 2016
A Guy who is sure of his sexuality while all his friends question it. A total douche at times.He thinks he's always right and is a bit of an alcoholic. This type of person usually loves biology and video games. Also has a shitty taste in fashion.
That Jesse is weird.
by 1102-1103 September 17, 2014
Metrosexual charming guy. All love him but he's too much of a cocky bastard to choose just one girl. He's got to have at least 4 of them. He's musical and talented but short and childlike. Jesses tend to attract many people them with either their devastatingly good looks or their personality. You will never be disappointed when you've got a Jesse around. You might have to buy him some boots to make up for his height. Jesses overall are pretty cool.
"He's a total Jesse you guys!"
by hiyouarenotme December 31, 2011
An ugly ass fucking noodle head who is also a fuckboi.
See that guy over there with the plugs. Yeah he looks like such a Jesse.
by heyyaleexx July 05, 2016
the most beautiful girl in the whole world. yes, that's right, I said girl. only the prettiest girls are named Jesse. usually the feminine version of this name is spelled Jessie with an ie at the end, but not this girl. she giggles at everything and can break necks when she walks into a room. she is athletic and sporty. she can still look great with dirt on her face and a falling out pony tail. every boy wants to date her and all the girls want to be her. she is the most beautiful girl ever, inside and out.
jesse is the most wonderful girl ever
by godeyem8 October 15, 2015
He makes the people around him laugh and cry at the same time. He enjoys eating lots of bananas that turn his skin yellow. Thinks he is a fictional character named Klaus and also assumes the identity of a female witch. Is an Apple scum and hates Horton hears a who. Part of a panda gang. Would approach with caution.
Guy 1: Man, look at that weirdo.
Guy 2: Yeah i bet he's a Jesse
by Butter Beer Bender May 15, 2015
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