A little cocksucker, who enjoys having large black penis in his anus.
Jesse: I'm so cool
Everyone else: shut the fuck up
by Warrenhills July 30, 2011
A huge douchebag who is so desperate to get some action he'll hook up with just about any girl. Uses compliments in an attempt to get you out of your panties, then never texts you again when he fails miserably. Goes around asking his female friends if they "know any sluts" for him to get with. He creeps on younger girls and has NO game. He doesn't know how to treat a woman properly. Tries to take advantage of drunk girls, then days later he admits to their face he thought he could get away with stuff because they were under the influence. Oh, and he has a hairy back.
Natalie: That guy I went out with last Friday was such a jerk, he still hasn't called me back.
Stephanie: Wow, he's such a Jesse!
by laquisha19 April 26, 2011
Son of a fishing god, who is in the process of dethroning said god!!!!
Jesse can outfish anyone on any lake anytime!!!
by son of a fishing god February 02, 2010
No one wants to hang out with the Jesse Lambright
by shebahshai November 14, 2010
a total jackass that doesnt deserve attention from any girl because he is a player.
omg my boyfriend is being a such a total jesse
by ihateyou123456 August 28, 2010
A hoodrat. a man that doesnt understand that quality beats quantity anyday. A jesse is a guy who picks the biggest gernade out of the crowd and wakes up the next morning in her bed. His jokes never make sense unless ur a drug addict. Runs his mouth way to many times, and o yea uncercumsized!!!
Me: hey jesse, you see that hoodrat shes asking for it.

Jesse: im going to have intercoarse with her. TONIGHT
by parrottman27 September 19, 2010
Jesse is a male who is charming and sweet but uses his niceness as a disguise to take girlfriends away from their future husbands.
"Joseph told Jared he was thinking of asking out Missy, so Jared asked her out before Joseph could"

"He is such a Jesse!"
by blossomel August 11, 2008

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