a total jackass that doesnt deserve attention from any girl because he is a player.
omg my boyfriend is being a such a total jesse
by ihateyou123456 August 28, 2010
Jesse is a male who is charming and sweet but uses his niceness as a disguise to take girlfriends away from their future husbands.
"Joseph told Jared he was thinking of asking out Missy, so Jared asked her out before Joseph could"

"He is such a Jesse!"
by blossomel August 11, 2008
A hoodrat. a man that doesnt understand that quality beats quantity anyday. A jesse is a guy who picks the biggest gernade out of the crowd and wakes up the next morning in her bed. His jokes never make sense unless ur a drug addict. Runs his mouth way to many times, and o yea uncercumsized!!!
Me: hey jesse, you see that hoodrat shes asking for it.

Jesse: im going to have intercoarse with her. TONIGHT
by parrottman27 September 19, 2010
A fat Hawaiian kid who thinks he black and jacked but he fails horribly and he also lives in his parents basement with his computer on 24/7 its a sad life.
-Dude your such a Jesse
by weirdo? April 19, 2010
the best girl you'll ever meet. totally adorable and sweet (with an afro!) but in a not-too-annoying kind of way. got to love her! (and no this is not her:)
have you met the new girl? she's almost as cool as Jesse.

my mom's nice but she's no Jesse.
by bigfootateurmama April 30, 2009
A queer closet fag who has a mushroom cut & a chud. He has the voice of a 9 year old who has not, yet, hit purberty, and probably never will. He likes it in the poopchute.
Boy 1: Oh, my I want to stick it in your ass
Boy 2: Make it bleed like a Jesse would.
Boy 1: Okay, I think it's a little loosey goosey too.
by Epicness x 10 April 29, 2010
O'Brien- Below average height for a Leprechaun. Lacks all motivation to succeed in life as a human. Dreams of having a penis the size of a standard Asian. Not mechanically inclined, despite his own belief.
Jesse says- "How do you know your stick shift is in Neutral?"
by AB2Z May 03, 2009

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