a jesse is an awsome kid who is capabel of many things that are unbelievable to find in one lil person
hes a very smexii boy who has alot on him mind....might dislike some people but still have the spunk to still be friends and umm hes one smarty/fatty acid
-jesse's may change the world
- "omg did u see that guy yesterday?"..."oh yea he was so bangable"
by Marina Avetisova January 02, 2008
Fun, Nice , NOT GAY . Can cheer you up when you're down. Hot and Cute. You wish you knew a Jesse. Likes to joke around and laugh, but teases alot too.
Girl1: Ugh, I'm so bored. I wish Jesse was here.

Girl2: You know a Jesse? Lucky you.
by ZeCookie September 29, 2013
The most amazing guy you will ever meet!! He's sooo sweet and can make you laugh no matter what, he won't let you down. Also he normally is in band and he tends to be the cutest guy you will ever meet. Being close to one is amazing... Everyone needs a Jesse
1: Jesse is the sweetest most amazing guy ever

2: That guys really sweet, I bet he's a Jesse.
by Morgiee August 01, 2012
very sexy boy with brown eyes and short brown hair
that boy is a jesse
by jesseawesomeness June 02, 2015
A really amazing friend/boyfriend,who is funny and hot model looking pretty boy (big muscles) hard working anyone would be lucky to just be in his presents hes funny and smart everything about him AMAZING!!!!!!!! Jesse is the love of my life and the man of my dreams
Jesse is amazing
by molina16 May 24, 2015
A guy who is a total boss. He has the illest ride on the street. The sexiest body of all the posers around him. And all the girls flock to him and want to be on his dick. This is the man every other guy wants to be but they never can be.
Guy 1: "Did you see those two hot chicks all over me at the party yesterday?"

Guy 2: "Heck yeah, you looked like a total Jesse!"
by Not A Guy Named Jesse August 05, 2012
Some kid, usually a freshman that will beat the fuck out of you.
That Jesse kid just made Ricardo eat shit
by Derek10 October 09, 2014
Jesse is the most nicest guy someone could ever meet. He's good looking and amazing at everything. He always knows how to put a smile on a girl's face. He's very adorable and knows what to say to a girl to make them happy. He's everything a girl would ever need. I'm glad I have a Jesse of my own.
Jesse, I love you.
by Supersingh19 June 18, 2014

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