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When a round of drinks is bought by someone, and your still goin on your last drink.
Dave was only half way through his beer when John came back from the bar with the next round, leaving Dave double parked.
by Adrian A. May 02, 2007
A woman taking 2 dicks at the same time, doggy style
Did you see that slut get double parked in that porno?
by ub3rst4r August 04, 2014
To double up on beverages, usually alcoholic. When one is double parked, the subject will have both drinks in front of them, and will either alternate between them or store one for later. This tactic is often used to minimize trips to the bar. Not to be confused with double fisting, which is entirely misleading.
"Nas was double parked the other night at the Rose Hotel".
by chalkoneupforlawschool May 29, 2011
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