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one who is superior and great one demand respect
my name is mathew maximus
by Jeff Taylor February 13, 2004
An incredibly cool, awesome or deck teenage male.
He macs all the bitches! What a maximus!
by Pirate King Maximus April 26, 2004
a freaking awesome horse that loves apples and hates criminals. He is a god. a maximus is incredibly good looking and funny. sold at all disney stores.
Mommy look there's maximus!!
by maximuslvr April 09, 2011
the most epic person ever in the world,sexy,cute,nice and always smiling.Also to say maximus means epic
Man that person is maximus
by Xxbroxx January 29, 2015
Maximus is an amazing loving guy who never fails to make a girl smile but hides alot of his personality for later times he can be quirky but he is shy until you get know him. He loves the girl and love lasting relationships. He has one girl that will always love him even if he loves sombody else.
If you dont already know somebody called maximus , go meet someone with that name becuase honestly people called maximus are amazing and i mean amazing..xx
by Acid2107 June 01, 2015
A rarely occuring phenomenon that can contain alot of energy but has no authority and tends to hide away from view making it hard to find. When the phenomenon does occur its is only for a very short amount of time and then leaves for different reasons.

A person who is very whipped and controlled by their significant other and tends to forget those around it, causing it to fail on many of its responsibilities.
Dude your girlfriend has you whipped like a maximus.

Hey I here we may see a maximus tonight around 9.
by purple butterfly May 27, 2011
Dope Boy that keeps shit 1 hunnid, cuts shit to business, and don't play with fuck boys. Incredibly cute. rate 95% Superior king to all, supreme power.
Here comes Maximus, this nigga is real.
by The realest king September 19, 2015

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