Jeremys are generally short and annoying. Many people like Jeremys out of pity. Also, Jeremys generally have small dicks and like to talk about it.
"You know that kid?" "Ya, he's a total Jeremy."
by XXXP90 May 15, 2015
A really Ugly dochebag who doesn't know how to treat a Lady.
"Wow that boy is such a Jeremy"
by _pixieprincess_ March 29, 2015
The guy in the office who brings his lunch to work every day and refuses to go to lunch with everyone else, unless someone else is paying.
Jeremy brought his lunch again today. What a jabrone.
by conclave December 13, 2014
The greatest ginger to exist. He always spikes his hair, wears band shirts, and ties. He can draw the greatest things I've ever seen, and has an AMAZING movie taste! He is the funniest guy I've meet in awhile, and any guy would want to be him.
Guy 1: Man, I wish I was like Jeremy.

Guy 2: Yeah, he gets all the chicks.
by iBucket March 07, 2013
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