Total douche bag. He likes to manipulate people and take advantage of people who rarely standup to him. But when someone does he can't hold his own ground. Well liked by idiot men, but only an insane women would love him.
He was a total Jeremy, so I broke up with him.
by alternativa7 November 30, 2011
A vaginal secretion of epic proportions, usually smells and tastes like bloated camel guts
she had to wear a pad when she felt a jeremy coming on, a tampon would not suffice.
by darkinthepants March 25, 2011
Usually described as an asshole who goes around in grocery stores to specifically play a game where they masturbate on the people in line and try not to get caught.
Dude 1: Dude, whats that on your back?

Dude 2: I don't know, I'm afraid to touch it.

Dude 1: Did you go to the store by our house? Because there are a lot of Jeremys hanging out around there.
by el dudarino February 15, 2011
The definition of 'Vanilla Face'. Origins unknown. Walks amongst us camouflaged with human skin which has been cut from babies.

Street name - Sexual Chocolate

"What's up Jeremy?"


"What's up Vanilla Face!?"

*NOTE*: Must be said in high pitch voice.
by i8mypenis June 30, 2010
A biblical name short for Jeremiah. Its a name given at birth by the size of the penis, if it has a larger penis then average, the name will be jeremiah, and if its small it will be jeremy.
Ohhh jeremy this is too small
by Iam JEBUS! September 26, 2010
one who is quite smart , funny, loving and caring and has a small penis , but as you get to know him you will fall in love.
EXCLAMTION : i love you jeremy but i can't feel that!!!!
QUESTION : how are we supposed to have sex?

by niams May 13, 2010
a sexy black man, who is extremely smart, a major kiss ass, and is very sarcastic.
Jeremy is so sexy.
by skadjfksaljdlksaj March 19, 2010

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