A really Ugly dochebag who doesn't know how to treat a Lady.
"Wow that boy is such a Jeremy"
by _pixieprincess_ March 29, 2015
The guy in the office who brings his lunch to work every day and refuses to go to lunch with everyone else, unless someone else is paying.
Jeremy brought his lunch again today. What a jabrone.
by conclave December 13, 2014
to eat shit out of a girl or guys ass
I want to Jeremy that chick so bad.
by jarvis&thecat November 18, 2014
The greatest ginger to exist. He always spikes his hair, wears band shirts, and ties. He can draw the greatest things I've ever seen, and has an AMAZING movie taste! He is the funniest guy I've meet in awhile, and any guy would want to be him.
Guy 1: Man, I wish I was like Jeremy.

Guy 2: Yeah, he gets all the chicks.
by iBucket March 07, 2013
A rawsome, beast nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that raw guy over there is a jeremy
by austin8442 July 19, 2010
The noun used to convey information by those of a oriental/korean decent usually having no defined meaning.
Person 1:나는 좋아한다

Person 2:Who the hell is jeremy?
by masterpolak May 22, 2011
When smoking a joint and piece of weed or tobacco (if you use tobacco) goes into your mouth, this may result from a poorly rolled roach.
ugh, i just got a 'jeremy'
by ned cronin January 04, 2012

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