The act of or being ignored.
Kid #1: Hey Bob!
Kid #2: Hey Bob!
Kid #3: Hey Bob!

Kid #4: Man. You guys just got Jeremyed.
by Browniiezz November 23, 2009
whipped boyfriend who sometimes seems to ignore his girlfriend but at the same time is the best guy ever.


by beckhamsmybitch August 18, 2008
A man who thinks too much of his pen15

A man who wants to fuck every girl bra size b and over

A man who needs more friends instead of fuck buddies

A man who goes on /b/ too much

An asshole

Eric - Yo, you seen jeremy anywhere?

Kurt - Yeah i think he was fucking giovana

Giovana - Im right here

Kurt - Shit, then whos he fucking?

Eric - The world may never know.
by keksicle April 11, 2009
a word used to replace the word 'egg' in a sentence.sacarstic/derogatory-/humourous manner
Hey!how do you want your jeremys cooked?
jeremy fu-yong.
"Ah,that guy is such a jeremy head."
The sperm penetrates the outer side of the female jeremy.
george bush is a jeremy.
by jerifool April 12, 2009
i big dick that nobody likes,has stupid comebacks, and often gets called things like cretin and vexatious;jeremy is also known as tilmney stupidface
omg...jeremy is so in language arts he tried to hear the ocean in silvia's pencil bag!
by iamagymnast November 24, 2008
This is a term to define a chubby/fat person that you may or may not like. Most people would like a jeremy because he is a pacifist who wouldn't hurt anything... except cows or other animals we eat often. Don't count on a jeremy though, their memory is very faulty... especially around food. Food will distract a jeremy from anything, and if you take his food, he will attack you against his pacifist will. So basically this is a term for a pretty happy retard.
1)Did you see that jeremy?
2)You mean that guy eating that cow?
2)Its not even...
1)...Dead yeah I know.

1)Man that jeremy was supposed to bring me those papers.
2)He probably saw a hamburger and forgot you exist for while.
1)I guess imma fire his retard ass.

Did you hear? They have a shit ton of jeremys down at wal-mart.
by Rich Richard Richardson April 08, 2009
Jeremy is a name for children that were unwanted in the family. They are often called "Mongool" in real life. Basicly, they will turn out to be drugs using mental retards.

The name is also used for children that have a large penis at birth, or have a very small brain.

" Je bent een mongool" is a Dutch phrase that is often used when seeing a Jeremy, it means, "good luck on the street."
We saw a mental retard and the first thing that came up in my mind was "Hey its Jeremy!" Then I said: "Je bent een MONGOOL"
by Mario Aran January 10, 2008

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