A wonderful, kind guy that any girl would be lucky to have. He's tall, muscular, and athletic. He is also sweet and romantic but you have to break through his tough exterior to find out. Jeremy is the best friend you could have because he is the the perfect guy. However, he thinks he isn't good enough for anyone and is oblivious to the girls who like him. But overall, he is amazing.
"I wish Jeremy knew I loved him, he's so perfect"
by 129believe October 07, 2015
Jeremy is undoubtedly the best person in the world. He is perfect. The moment you see him, you will never want to look away. You will be stunned by his utter gorgeousness. You'll be drawn in by his mysteriously sexy eyes. You'll quickly take notice of his amazing accent and the fact that he only has one dimple (and it's beyond adorable.) He's very tall, and he gives perfect hugs and kisses that will only leave you wanting more. Once you get to know him you will realize that he is the most understanding person that you will ever meet, loving, caring, authentic, talented, hilarious, wise, and an insanely intelligent perfectionist. The softness of his stunning, blushing cheeks and the roughness of his dark, wildly attractive stubble will blow your mind. If you knew what Jeremy was like, you'd always want to be by his side. If you had him in your presence, you'd be the luckiest person alive. He is loved by all who know him, especially his significant other, as the relationship between them is wonderful. They'll always be there for each other, and that is important to Jeremy.
Example 1) "See that guy over there? He's Jeremy! Isn't he so perfect?"

Example two) "Jeremy, I love you more than words can describe. I'm so lucky to call you mine."
by Jeremy'sHollDoll December 27, 2015
A super nerd who's smart, sweet, funny, and kind. He can make the dumbest jokes and make you smile so hard that your cheeks hurt. With this kind of guy, sharing a hot, steamy night together can be just as enjoyable as spending the rest of your life side by side.
"Jeremy is such a giant freakin' nerd."
"I wish I had as nice a butt as Jeremy's."
by nerd137 June 28, 2015
A seemingly "perfect" man who seems logical, smart, and sweet. He cracks jokes and at first glance, is a nice guy. In reality, he's as twisted and messed up as they come. He manipulates those around him and makes them feel inferior. He's abusive and depressing. But he also believes he's perfect.
"I don't know what to do about Jeremy. He makes me feel so down all the time, and I can barely get a word in to defend myself before he's putting me down"
by badass peach May 22, 2016
Big Dick
Let me suck your jeremy
by jenvirw4oubklena January 17, 2016
when you have to fart really bad and let it all out. Reminds u of a clarkstown freshie who thinks he the ultimate shit but really is the equivalent to the dirt on my shoe.
"bro did u just pull a jeremy"
"yea my guy, sorry i couldnt hold it in"
by xoxodontfuckwithmehoe May 31, 2016
aka. Mocha Man. Has big brown eyes, and the curliest mane. Eats almost nothing but pizza and mozzarella sticks, but low key loves Hot Cheetos and Takis. Is said to be the (second) sweetest ever. Probs the best ever at doing the running man. Loves Starbucks and BBQ's. He is most def a keeper.
Boy: well hello and hi there
Girl: wow you must be Jeremy, you must be weird like me
Boy: lol dag
by honeydawg May 30, 2016
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