A loner. Usually a sad individual that drinks in excess. More than likely suffers from PPD or otherwise known as paranoid personality disorder. If not treated early, later in life can turn into full blown schizophrenia. Don't ever trust a Jason to go through on any promise. They are also compulsive liars.
Did you hear about Mark?

Ah, who cares...he was such a Jason.
by GoatRipper August 19, 2011
anyone with the name jason is known as the biggest ass in the building. He is usually an incompetent bastard who is not capable of doing standard every-day things. He weasels his way out of any chore or action that helps anyone else. He tends to be a poser and pretends to know things just to look like a man. He thinks treating women horribly in front of men makes him look manly. He doesnt bother hiding his napoleon complex because he doesn't realize that everyone knows he is trying to over copensate for the youth size protective cup that he owns.
"That mama's boy can't even take care of himself, he's such a jason."

"Did he just say that Reggie Bush got a homerun?, what a Jason!"
by itisthemostfactualpieceofinfo December 22, 2011
A douche who looks very similar to a Neanderthal. You can identify a Jason by his prominent brow bone and distinctive poof on his chin that he likes to call a chin-beard. In reality, this is mold that is growing upon his visage. His singing can be likened to toads mating. His breast size should be a solid b-cup which is accentuated best by his Lance Armstrong bike shirt. His bosom will cause some of the ladies to be jealous. He is short in both physical stature and schlong size. However, his ego makes up for this. Everyone should know that his IQ is at least 260, and that is DEFINITELY not an exaggeration. If he breaks up with anyone it is certainly a good idea, for his IQ told him so.
Girl 1: damn, I wish my boobs were as big as Jason's,

Girl 2: Yeah, I know, right? Me too. I'm only an A-cup...

Man in the forest: What's that sound. Is that a toad. Oh wait. Jason has begun a ballad...
by My guitar March 05, 2012
The short person of the group.
Can be slightly annoying, too loud.
Frequently fiens over girls.
"Yo Jason is fucking annoying"
"Jason be looking at my ass ode"
"Jason play around to much"
by asdfghjk11423 March 03, 2014
Apparently, he's such a skeeze, even though he was just trying to be friendly. He didn't call Gretchen the same night he didn't show up to a party at Regina George's house with her. Cady Heron didn't want to have sex with him. And it's under debate whether or not he has shaved his back yet. He was possibly dating Taylor Wedell (She lives on S. Blvd with her mother who still let her go to a party at Cady Heron's house even after Susan, from Planned Parenthood called with Taylor's test results) but then he left Tylor at Cady's party and made out with Gretchen, who then started hanging out with "Cool Asians" one of whom made out with Coach Carr.
Jason: Is your muffin buttered?

Cady: What?

Jason: Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?

Cady: My what?

Regina: Is he bothering you? Jason, why are you such a skeeze?
by alkdjfla December 05, 2010
Jason: to hide the evidence to stash away..
so what did you do with that grenade..oh i just jason 'ed it ..
by OurFuturePaedophileyaaayyyyyyy October 20, 2010
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