Jason: to hide the evidence to stash away..
so what did you do with that grenade..oh i just jason 'ed it ..
by OurFuturePaedophileyaaayyyyyyy October 20, 2010
Queerish bitch that drives a gayyy faggot-like Subaru that isn't even fast.
"Look at that Jason over there. haha gayyyyyy"
by TheTeejestdodo September 06, 2013
by nubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 20, 2010
Your average dude with a small penis, spit down the middle. He abuses his hamster and takes advantage of those around him. He takes pleasure in uppercutting children. His asshole has been gaped over the years of sexual discipline and has herpes. This is the kind of man who has no self esteem and locks puppies in his basement for fun and amusement. A Jason also passes time by fapping to horses and ponies. In short, this dude is messed up.
Charles Manson? What a "Jason."
Joachim Kroll is the equivalent to Jason.
by Ronald MÇGodDamnDonald January 14, 2014
a Jason is gay and likes lady-boys
Jason, upon his return from his Thailand adventure, told many stories about his lady-boy conquests.
by markfivestar August 28, 2011
usually a funny kid, that like to smoke alot of pot, usually spends all of his money on it, but usually also wants other people to smoke him some weed, has someone in his family who was a bad impression on him, possibly a older brother or cousin, doesnt give a fuck about what anyone thinks about his marijuana use, has a best friend who has moved to a different school, but will soon reunite in a naborhood
by smokinthagange24/7 February 20, 2010
THE MOST FUCKING SEXIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD AND WAS SEXY BUT NOW UGLY. IM SHY dooshybag i can be mean cheat on people tricks girls fuck peole all day desperate no freinds hurts peoples feelings especially girls. doesnt have a sensitive heart. i like alot of girls i like to makeout with people he is rude and fucking gorgeous freindlly beautiful and smart .
by jasonlin October 21, 2011

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