Usually a short asian kid with a black nephew, has a black mole on his mouth and is very perverted. Jason's always have glasses that can detect the ASS level of a girl, he also has a dog dick.
fuck.. i sit next to a Jason in class.. i'm gonna kill myself.
by wuntuN March 10, 2010
Socially awkward, overly concerned with healthy living, often prefers school and homework to making time for girlfriends also known to suffer from cold feet in relationships. Will call drunk asking to be rescued as he is too drunk to know where he is. Will one day realize that he let the best girl get away from him
He dumped Dayna cuz he said he doesn't know what love is, what a Jason!
by Dayna4Life July 02, 2010
1. Someone who'll look you in the eyes while you spider poop.
2. Knows exactly how to tell a fart joke.
3. A blumpkin friendly friend.
1. I spider pooped with Jason yesterday, he was on top. His eyes are so blue.
2. Jason told a fart joke.
3. Jason poops easier when receiving a blumpkin.
by buttjed February 03, 2010
jason is a really flirty guy that makes up retarded pick up lines. his eyebrows are the size of caterpillars and he is really tall.
he likes every girl he meets and hes a gaylord fucktard.
hes ugly..he must be a jason
by katoushka November 12, 2010
loves Taylor!!!!!
Jason loves Taylorrrr
by hoolagirl June 24, 2010
Jason; A random patch of hair on ones body.
''Look at the Jason on his nutsack!''
''Damn, she has a hairy Jason on her upper lip.''
by Hahaa Jason February 07, 2010
Generally someone with incredibly large front teeth. Enjoys consuming large forests within minutes.
A Jason's voice is usually 4 times higher in pitch than a normal person.
"Damn that Jason! Took down most of Brazil last night."

"Wow, that Jason ruined my backyard... There's wood chips EVERYWHERE!"
by FloppyJohn May 20, 2009

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