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Last minute ditching of your coworkers for the weekly Friday lunch that is usually taken all together.
coworker A: "Hey Jamie! Want to come for lunch today"

coworker B: "Sure!"

(half an hour later):

coworker B: "I'm actually going to pull a Jason and not join you all for lunch..."
by coworker A July 31, 2009
When you have a critical impending final and sleep through it, then take 15 minutes to brush your teeth before heading to said final 2 hours late to try and salvage a passing grade
-Fuck dude, I pulled a Jason this morning and slept through my final! Now i gotta bone out of intro to astronomy!

-You better rest up tonight sweetie or you might pull a Jason in the morning
by zongheadluvr December 07, 2009
When someone (mainly male)is recieving oral sex and then there morals catch up with them. So they stop the action before finishing.
willy, did you pull a jason on sally last night
by bahbeh May 14, 2006
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