gullible person
he was such a jared to believe jon poh.smarty lololololol hahaha
by jimlimkim October 13, 2011
A pathetic drag queen. Obsessed with wet meat fetishes. Like it up the ass by a fat transsexual. Jared just all around sucks shit
Dude your being such a Jared

God man your such a Jared
by Quinnisdumb69 May 29, 2015
Noun: a person or people with the name Jared varying from short to tell hot and ugly straight and gay no real way to describe a Jared but weird
Guy: "I heard Jared hit his head on the ceiling while jumping"
Girl:"that's Jared alright"
by the real J July 22, 2011
A short round unathletic pathetic excuse for a human being. He doesn't wear underwear, so the same track pants he wears everyday rides up his ass. He laughs at himself and thinks that everybody is his friend.
by jaredlandis123 January 28, 2013
Jared a big donkey look king fag with a small cock
Jared , he's got small cock
by Omar June 07, 2014
An enormous faggot often over zealous about his passion for cocks and water polo. He spends most of his life in the pool, either playing with cock or balls. The fagooty way he slurps cock is bested only by his ability to lose in polo matches. He is also known to set his friends aside to eat cock or cradle balls.
Kid 1 : hey is Leonard coming?

Kid 2 : nah he's at the pool being a Jared


Kid 1 : hey you wanna catch twilight?
Kid 2 : Nah sorry dude I'd rather be a Jared and suck cock by the pool than watch that.
by Jaredboy March 10, 2013
the action of someone that has a firecracker up their butt then is lighted by someone else that has the lighter in their mouth.
WTF is that guy doing? oh, he must be a Jared!
by lustifar January 06, 2012
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