Sexy love; Hottie, I Love him SSOOO much.
I Love You Jared Lemoine, you are the most amazing person ive ever met.
by Towee March 01, 2007
A metrosexual with great taste for women.
Someone who people crave the feeling of his pork sword in their mouth.
A stubborn, family orientated individual who can manipulate to fit his own agenda with ease, and no remorse.
Someone who relishes in the darkness and finds great comfort in it.
Oh s***! We're dealing with a Jared.

My hero is a complete Jared, no doubt about it.

The only type of guys I'm interested in are Jared', the rest are a##holes.

*Sigh* Why can't there be more Jared'!
by Dr J Edwards October 21, 2014
A guy who is a real dick head and has nothing going for him in life except to fuck with girls feelings. Also known as the biggest fuckboi around.
Jared is an asshole.
by Maddiebutnotreallyfuckyoujared March 12, 2016
"That guy" see definition of that guy
He went to Jarred's, yep "he's that guy" or dude why did you bang Jim's mom, your such a Jared!
by Yomamajohn March 18, 2015
The almighty homosexual
Kids get inside! Jared is cumming!
by Turkey Jerky Tom April 13, 2015
A pathetic drag queen. Obsessed with wet meat fetishes. Like it up the ass by a fat transsexual. Jared just all around sucks shit
Dude your being such a Jared

God man your such a Jared
by Quinnisdumb69 May 29, 2015
gullible person
he was such a jared to believe jon poh.smarty lololololol hahaha
by jimlimkim October 13, 2011

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