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Jareds tend to be very tall, and very attractive. They have a hipster style, mixed with a little bit of rock. Jareds usually are very intelligent, and can be very overprotective in a serious situation. He knows how to treat a girl, and can always tell how girls feel just by hearing their voices. If you ever start dating a Jared, never let him go.
Girl 1: Did you see what Jared is wearing today?

Girl2 2: omg, yes! He's so adorable! I just want to take off his beanie and ruffle his hair!

Girl 1: I know right!

Girl 2: If he ever asks me out its a definite yes!
by nickiminajared December 28, 2012
1. The coolest mother fucker out there

2. A boss ass fellow nigga

3. You better befriend him now

4. Woman, he is way out of your league
Jared just fucked a supermodel

I lost my wife to Jared... oh man

Jared is sooo Henry..
by TheTruthIsTrue January 22, 2014
An amazing guy. He will go out of his way to make you laugh and he has gorgeous blonde hair. His beautiful green eyes can see all the way into my soul. He is so playful and kind, if you ever meet him, lucky you.
I have a massive crush on Jared.
by GreenFour2000 December 29, 2013
Jared is a very caring guy but can get angry real quick but would never hurt a girl he'd only protect her, he's a Capricorn. He's has a very big heart. His smile could brighten up anyone's day. You'll fall inlove at first sight just like I did. His jokes are corny but always make you laugh. He put in so much effort into a relationship because he cares he would never let you down. He's charming, smart, funny, sweet, cute, sexy, he's everything You would ever wanted! Everybody may not see how perfect he is but boy do I see it. The sex is great ! Especially with Capricorns ! All I can say is that you'll never go wrong with Jared . Jared is a prize winner that is willing to happen. You may live far away but not that far cause your so worth waiting for.
Jared is the best damn thing that has ever walked on this plant
by Unknown Beauty December 08, 2013
A really sweet, creative and super adorable guy! It's hard not to smile when you're around him. He can be kinda shy, but once he opens up he's like a whole new person! He also is very stylish and is in to fashion. He's also crazy talented in art and makes me green with envy.
Wow! That guy is so cute! He must be a Jared!
by Natella November 16, 2013
Noun: a person or people with the name Jared varying from short to tell hot and ugly straight and gay no real way to describe a Jared but weird
Guy: "I heard Jared hit his head on the ceiling while jumping"
Girl:"that's Jared alright"
by the real J July 22, 2011
Jared a big donkey look king fag with a small cock
Jared , he's got small cock
by Omar June 07, 2014