Jareds tend to be very tall, and very attractive. They have a hipster style, mixed with a little bit of rock. Jareds usually are very intelligent, and can be very overprotective in a serious situation. He knows how to treat a girl, and can always tell how girls feel just by hearing their voices. If you ever start dating a Jared, never let him go.
Girl 1: Did you see what Jared is wearing today?

Girl2 2: omg, yes! He's so adorable! I just want to take off his beanie and ruffle his hair!

Girl 1: I know right!

Girl 2: If he ever asks me out its a definite yes!
by nickiminajared December 28, 2012
A short round unathletic pathetic excuse for a human being. He doesn't wear underwear, so the same track pants he wears everyday rides up his ass. He laughs at himself and thinks that everybody is his friend.
by jaredlandis123 January 28, 2013
Jared a big donkey look king fag with a small cock
Jared , he's got small cock
by Omar June 07, 2014
An enormous faggot often over zealous about his passion for cocks and water polo. He spends most of his life in the pool, either playing with cock or balls. The fagooty way he slurps cock is bested only by his ability to lose in polo matches. He is also known to set his friends aside to eat cock or cradle balls.
Kid 1 : hey is Leonard coming?

Kid 2 : nah he's at the pool being a Jared


Kid 1 : hey you wanna catch twilight?
Kid 2 : Nah sorry dude I'd rather be a Jared and suck cock by the pool than watch that.
by Jaredboy March 10, 2013
A girls douchey cock blocking best friend who she claims is her best friend or her brother. He is usually tall and sometimes older this is a new brand of Jared though called a Ped-Jared. His life is usually void of guy friends as he is unaware of what the bro code is. He will always try and hug your girlfriend or try to take her away from you.
Boyfriend: Hey can you hang out later.
Girlfriend: Maybe.
Jared: No remember we are going to the opera.
Boyfriend: Way to pull a Jared fag. Bro code remember?
Jared: What does the bro code mean?
by hometree January 20, 2011
a stupid fucker who can't even get dressed in the morning.
he likes hitting on married women and invariably gets beaten by their husbands.
he is usually retarded and likes literally eating shit.
that man just beat his wife's jared.
by gerard_capshen123 November 21, 2013
A guy ever one hates just an all around prick
Omg Jared is so annoying he's such a prick
by Toolooloo August 19, 2013
the action of someone that has a firecracker up their butt then is lighted by someone else that has the lighter in their mouth.
WTF is that guy doing? oh, he must be a Jared!
by lustifar January 06, 2012

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