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Usually a beautiful girl on the outside but completely ugly on the inside. Usually just care's for themselves and uses people to get ahead in life. Not a reliable friend. Very nice at first but as time passes she will show her true colors. If she finds some one better than you she will drop you.
"Jade just dropped me off the face of the planet"


"Because she made a new friend with money"
by 'Merica Gurl February 25, 2013
that a complete babe, whos knickers you want in
mmmh... look at her, what a jade!
by conor_ September 14, 2007
Jade wants to fuck George so hard he cums 1000liters
Jade: Let me fuck you George
George: mabey later
by mawbbf October 26, 2011
sexiest girl in the world, very good at giving head, freak in the bed. usually brunette with brown eyes, is attracted to guys with colorful hair and olive toned skin, loves to get down and dirty with her boyfriend, very kinky(loves to be bitten)., straight as can be, totally horny 24/7
wow, this girl is sooo jade!
by crazy_bitchesz19 April 26, 2009
the one that always follows the crowd. A jade changes toward different people, and doesnt know what she wants. You may think that she's all yours at the start, but then , you follow her like a rollercoaser ride.
That jade is always trying to be in all the drama
by lalakooks February 04, 2011
Is sassy, fun, sarcastic & stubborn. Has a low tolerance for dumb-asses. Amazing sense of humor.Laughs and smiles at just about everything even if it isn't funny .100% down to earth. Great smile.Likes to make people laugh and smile .Don't be fooled by her name she is not asian. Can be shy at times but I'm not buying it. Acts childish and immature. Is known to be loud & obnoxious in public. Is a boy magnet. Loves indie-pop-techno. Likes to use the F-Word after everything.
carol: ohmygod i heard that Jade totally likes Matt is it true

Laura: Is that really any of your buisness

Carol: yeah everything at this school is my buisness cause im the queen of everybodys buisness

Laura: Your stupid and jsut wasting your time you better shut up before Jade makes you cry again (:
by Tobiume October 24, 2010
Jade is a beautiful stone, colour and name
Is that bowl really made out of Jade?

I wouldnt mind a Jade green Prius; pity they are the ugliest car on the planet, but at least there still is a planet

Jade is a great name for a great girl and as such should never be given to or used by compulsive liars. Compulsive liars, game players & people who do not care about anything including themselves are now to be known as Tracey

Not on Tracey time now Jade ...oops sorry, I mean Tracey
by Tracey Smiff October 28, 2008