Jade, the name for the 'green' gemstone. Slang for weed or green because jade means green.
Afta the rave sit back an bun "jade" green marijuana peng weed skunk. -Yo can ya get any jade?
by Emayex February 12, 2010
A common stig of the dump.
Usually has short dark brown hair with green skin and purple eyes.
'Jade is such a stig.'

'There's always a horrible smell when Jade is around.'
by Cba. May 14, 2007
A really unreliable friend who claims to be your mbf (mega best friend)
You do know that she is a jade, stay away from her.
by Yomo October 18, 2014
jade is a hot damn tamale

or wide set vagina

she is usually scared of ketchup

she normally loves ashleys

hates fishing
1. damn that has to be a jade over there

2. my dick fell right out of that jade

3. shes scared of ketchp ? must be a jade

4. ashley rocks the bed at night whoot

5. i went fishing in my own turkey now my sweater stinks of musty vagina
by bigbootyhoeyoyo November 06, 2013
a dumb stuck up bitch, fame has gotten to her little slutty head, all she'll do is use you then fuck you over like you're the shit on her shoes.
that girl is sucha prostitute!

that girl is sucha jade
by hhljnf July 15, 2010
There's one word to describe this girl.. pimp!
She gets it where ever she can, male or female, she's far from picky. Who knows what diseases she has as a condom is a definite no no in her rules.
When in clubs she tries in on with everyone, she has a little grope to any passers by just so she can get her sexual rush.
Example 1:

Boy: I haven't had sex in so long, who can I ask?

Girl: ask a jade, I had one last night!

Example 2:

Girl: some girl touched my boob in that club last night!

Boy: that's strange, a girl touched my balls.

Girl2: ha, must of been a jade
by tittyshagger1 October 14, 2013
A cheap slutty whore that only gives a shit about herself and screws everything with a penis.. And also a backstabing 2 timing 2 faced bitch!
Did yu hear what jade did to her "bestie"
She had sex with the brother..

Jade cheated on me with 7 guys..
by fullbar November 25, 2010

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