Jade is an ornamental stone (gem) that is said to have mysterious energies in China. Jade is called Yu in Chinese and is collected and valued by many for its antique value. The greener the Jade the more valuable it is.

Jade is a name applied to two different rocks that are made up of different silicate minerals (Nephrite & Jadeitite).

Jade in New Zealand is known as pounamu in the Mâori language, and is used as a faith symbol worn around the neck. Jade is used for many things world wide, from jewelry, faith symbols, weaponry etc

Jade is also known as a plant (Crassula ovata, Crassula portulacea) of friendship that originated in South Africa. Jade is a sort after plant in many countries, and is sometimes seen as having hidden money powers with one species of jade plant.

Jade is also an erotic film (1995) about a dirty whore who runs around sticking her high heel into guy’s arseholes. By day she is a respected wife who hates sex, and just lies there while being pumped. And by night she turns into a bondage mistress who can't get enough sex, and gets into more kink than a stray cat! Great Movie!!!
"That is a lovely piece of Jade, how much?"

"What the stone or my wife?"

"Whatevers the cheapest?"

"Hrmm... that would be my wife."

Split personality dilemma...
JADE: I swear David I wasn't involved in those bondage murders.
DAVID CORELLI: To whom am I talking to?
by The Moody Poet November 06, 2006
Another term for sunglasses or shades.
Yo dude, those are some sweet jades that youre rockin.
by Paz Phan June 21, 2006
She is a guys utopia (check social textbook)
Bro 1-"do you like Jade"
Bro 2-"dude if I got her it would be utopia"
by You don't even know October 19, 2014
A green gem in personality and in raw stone! A precious beautiful thing who will always be guarded!
by Hippo1234 August 05, 2013
a dumb stuck up bitch, fame has gotten to her little slutty head, all she'll do is use you then fuck you over like you're the shit on her shoes.
that girl is sucha prostitute!

that girl is sucha jade
by hhljnf July 15, 2010
A green shade; also a diamond.
A girl's name.
This girl is very hyper all the time, and loud. It will always feel like she has a caffeine/energy/sugar rush.
Very annoying 90% of the time, but you can't help but love her.
She'll take bragging rights over everything, even if she's never done it before, and she'll best you at anything you're good at.
She can be sensitive to you, but be careful – she will turn it around to make your problem all about her.
A best friend when you need one, a worst enemy if you are already having a bad day.
Stay away from all her crap, but if you don't, stay with her for life. Your friendship will grow stronger.
Jade had been my friend since I can remember, but it seems she's gotten even more annoying since time has worn on.
I love her to death and can't imagine life without her, but she can be a REAL PAIN, and her bragging about EVERYTHING
will really get me on edge sometimes, but really she's a great girl and best friend. Online our relationship may seem
Dysfunctional or awkward, and it is. Thanks for reading!:)
green gemstone hyper loud girl annoying bragging rights sensitive problem best friend enemy crap life friendship
by Sexy Beatsy Wiebe November 29, 2013
Super hot chick. Shes always cool. loyal to her friends and family. alittle (pinworms in her rectum.)
Dude, that Jade girl is totally hot. I heard she has pinworms
by Sarah5261 June 13, 2013

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