can be very sweet but also has a dark side, she'll keep your secrets only for a while, unless you're super close to her and know some of her own secrets. Not the greatest to share your problems with. She has many hobbies, such as sexual attempts. Although she can be self centered, she great to share a laugh with. She's also a follower, as soon as somebody does something before her, she feels the need to do it too.
I sucked some d*ick last week, now Jade is doing it too.
by hoeprah July 04, 2015
A green shade; also a diamond.
A girl's name.
This girl is very hyper all the time, and loud. It will always feel like she has a caffeine/energy/sugar rush.
Very annoying 90% of the time, but you can't help but love her.
She'll take bragging rights over everything, even if she's never done it before, and she'll best you at anything you're good at.
She can be sensitive to you, but be careful – she will turn it around to make your problem all about her.
A best friend when you need one, a worst enemy if you are already having a bad day.
Stay away from all her crap, but if you don't, stay with her for life. Your friendship will grow stronger.
Jade had been my friend since I can remember, but it seems she's gotten even more annoying since time has worn on.
I love her to death and can't imagine life without her, but she can be a REAL PAIN, and her bragging about EVERYTHING
will really get me on edge sometimes, but really she's a great girl and best friend. Online our relationship may seem
Dysfunctional or awkward, and it is. Thanks for reading!:)
green gemstone hyper loud girl annoying bragging rights sensitive problem best friend enemy crap life friendship
by Sexy Beatsy Wiebe November 29, 2013
A gemstone. A type of plant. A popular girls name. Usually Jades are sensitive and very in touch with their emotions. Very feminine but not afraid to stand up for what they believe in or what they think is right. Jades are very dedicated and commited to their friends. Will always love and trust until they are shown proof to do otherwise. Jades are almost always in a good mood, happy and goofy. Jades have open hearts and open their homes to help others who are in need. Jades are very sexual beings and give their all into pleasing their partner. Jades are very monogamous. Excellent kisser. Very pretty with either bright green or beautiful blue eyes. Light blond or light brown hair.
by wow79 February 02, 2010
a sickness contracted only from a person named Julia.
"Yo man, I think Julia got me sick"
-"Dude, you have jades"
by apatbalat February 06, 2014
Super hot chick. Shes always cool. loyal to her friends and family. alittle (pinworms in her rectum.)
Dude, that Jade girl is totally hot. I heard she has pinworms
by Sarah5261 June 13, 2013
Jade, the name for the 'green' gemstone. Slang for weed or green because jade means green.
Afta the rave sit back an bun "jade" green marijuana peng weed skunk. -Yo can ya get any jade?
by Emayex February 12, 2010
A common stig of the dump.
Usually has short dark brown hair with green skin and purple eyes.
'Jade is such a stig.'

'There's always a horrible smell when Jade is around.'
by Cba. May 14, 2007

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