Jade is a beautiful girl, with amazing hair, sparkling eyes, and a perfect smile. She is the best girlfriend in the world and whoever is her boyfriend should consider themselves very lucky. She always doubt herself when she doesnt need to. Shes beautiful and always will be.
I love Jade
by iminloveJJH July 10, 2011
Jade <A girls name> and a type of girl you don't want to bring home to Mother,

Any girl with this name is usually a pretty girl but it's gone straight to her head. She's beautiful and she knows it and uses it to persuaded guys into doing her dirty deads.

She's liar but never get caught cause she's been doing it since childhood

Usually a "try hard" and always changing to what's in style, never has her own style.. always trying to impress and be the princess in any crowd.

She's known to be a great girl in the bedroom and is usually cause she's had LOTS of practice. Usually Bisexual also.
Jade is famously known to cheat on every guy she's with and use them. And she wont even tell you if she has a BF or GF or Husband or Wife until it's too late and your in deep and if you the one being cheated on she will have so many lies wrapped around you, you won't even know what's up and what's down, usually unaware of even being lied to cause she's just that good at it.

Known as a slut and whore and to have many STD's cause of this and also keeps that a hush secret until it's too late and this is what made her so good in bed but was she worth the risk? Beware and put on 2 rubbers for this Dirty gal.

She's that girl in school that everyone hates but is nice to her face cause she's so damn fake and phony nice but everyone knows she's an evil bitch behind the 10 pounds of make up.
by Jack-Off-Jackie March 26, 2010
name of a precious stone usually a name given to a female of exotic nature with long dark hair and an infectious personality...mmm sounds hot!lives life to the fullest and people tend to question mental stability tends to be spontanious...but a very loyal friend with a heart of gold would do anything for her friends.
"jade is so damn hot"...jade is also an erotic film (1995) about a dirty whore who runs around sticking her stilettos up guys assholes
by jadagiselle February 06, 2010
An amazing girl. Extremly gorgeous usually has guys falling over her left, right and center. Is basically perfect and her flaws very minor. Will stand up for her friends and what she believes in. Very trustworthy.
My best friend's such a Jade!
by InsaneRainbow August 28, 2010
Jade is a one of a kind girl. She is a girl who is very hard to find. She loves being around people. She is a very friendly girl. She will always be a good friend. She will always be there for her friends Jade loves to do crazy things. She is very fun to be with. Jade is a very outgoing girl, she loves to go places with her family. She is a girl with a lot of expectations in life. She is also a very romantic and beautiful girl. A lot of guys would want to be with her.
Jade is wonderful
by Hotguy9798 April 22, 2011
She is basically the coolest chick around. She always looks really damnsexy , but has zero self confidence. She ALWAYS sticks up for her friends. She is crazy as hell. She likes sports and p.e at school. She thinks she's dumb, but she's the person you always copy off. People think she's a slut, only coz they're jealous, and coz shes close friends with heaps of guys, but shes not. When she loves someone, she loves someone, and will do anything for them. She's fun to be around. A lot of the time she's sad because life treats her shittily, and she sooo doesn't deserve that. She is the person guys flirt with and are always crushing on and girl whisper to. She is the most amazing person I know.
Guy: Omg, did you see Jade, she is such a babe.

Girl: Omg Jade is like my bestie
by hellishbitch August 21, 2011
In the UK, universally refers to Jade Goody, a runner-up on the reality TV show "Big Brother". Despite being apparently slow-witted, devoid of general knowledge and lacking in classical beauty, Goody has since made millions of pounds by appearing in celebrity magazines, diet videos (although it later transpired she had lost weight through liposuction) and the 2007 "Celebrity Big Brother", in which her reputation was severely damaged following alleged racism towards an Indian contestant.

Goody is something of a chav icon, proving that you can be a success in today's Britain despite having no talent, beauty or, in fact, any other endearing qualities.
Did you hear that Jade's pregnant again? Wonder who the father is this time?
by Zog The Undeniable February 21, 2007

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