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when you're telling a story thats really exciting and you want people to know that it is true
'so I'm walking down the street and guess who I saw! Doctor Who, no joke!'
by Pollage February 28, 2008
Pronounced as NoooooO joke. Originated in Offaly.

It is often used in a scenario to highlight how serious you are about a matter that would otherwise be regarded as humorous. It can also be used in a sarcastic manner. For example, when you are reply to a girlfriends statement.
I love dressing like Matt, no joke!


Q: Kevin am I a good cook?

Reply: No Joke!
by Ginger Beard Kev December 15, 2010
a comment that in literal context would mean "dont joke" but used as a sarcastic response that is in agreement with a statment.
Person 1: Man, I am so bored!
Person 2: Yeah, No joke.
by Jailbait Kate June 18, 2007
True or stating that said statement is "Not a Joke"
Example 1: I got a Girl and a Job! NO JOKE!!!
Example 2: I heard you got shot at? Dude that's, No Joke don't take that lightly
by Supa Swagg June 07, 2009
when somebody make a very bad joke and nobody laughs there is a pause and anybody can claim a NO! this is where anyone that thinks the joke was stupid and not funny can say no! The no has to be said in a jokey manor as your tlaking to your friends and they will mostly likely know it was a bad joke.

Most no jkokes are not prepared as jokes they are said in the moment and really should have not left the mouth.

so in conclusion a No joke is a joke that is not funny and its infact shameful.
"you might say that he was all over the news!, ERR NO! ha ha lol :)"

"that was such a no joke!, lol yeah sorry was funny tho, still a huge no :)!"

no joke is a saying used in describing a smoking hot girl. like jessica simpson or lindsay lohan and hilary duff.
Daaaam that girl is no dam joke bro shes fine as hell.

dam bro ur girl is no joke.
by antonio y lorenzo February 18, 2005
used when you are at the top of your game.


when are basically nothing to fool around with you hence become NO JOKE!
wow i just banged that girl right there.... lol you are basically NO JOKE!
by Rob December 18, 2004
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