Dammnnn, that girl is so Jade
by TRUTHTELLER February 18, 2013
Jade is a sweet and generous with a great personality. She doesn't have an attitude and is very smart. Pretty doesn't even come close to how stunning she is. Jade is very sexy and can get with anyone she wants to. Everyone loves Jade as she is the best girl you will ever meet!
She must be a Jade! XD
by Gamer_Girl_Helen April 04, 2014
Jade is a girl. She is very beautiful and she loves a brew! She's often found dwelling in Charlie's bed after a long and raucous sexual adventure! Not only is she incredible in the sack but she is a fantabulous lady to spend time with! She possesses a great pair of breasts and soft, round, tiny buttocks that are very pleasing to the eye! Jade is a treat and a pleasure to get to know, she will always make you feel very important and HORNY!
Omg jade!

You are amazing jade
Oh shit I just jizzed, sorry Jade!

Can I get you anything, jade....No? Are you sure?
by Cup playyaaaaaa April 24, 2013
A beautiful, down to earth, happy, bouncy girl who is fun to be around. usually has blondish hair and blue eyes. She enjoys art and animals. Friends and Family mean the world to her. She is very trust worthy and one of the best friends you could ever have. All guys should get to know her. Because, after you do, she's wonderful.
My best friend is a Jade!
by livinlikelarry June 21, 2012
Another term for sunglasses or shades.
Yo dude, those are some sweet jades that youre rockin.
by Paz Phan June 21, 2006
Jade is a chinese green gemstone. Jade is a kind, caring, lovable person. She's very loud and energetic! When she has a crush, she stays with that crush. She has very true feelings and high expectations of her crush. She cares for everyone and everything. She dreams of becoming an actress. Her dreams will come true.
OMG! Jade is so rad!
by Queen Rosa Violeta November 10, 2013
She is a guys utopia (check social textbook)
Bro 1-"do you like Jade"
Bro 2-"dude if I got her it would be utopia"
by You don't even know October 19, 2014
A cheap slutty whore that only gives a shit about herself and screws everything with a penis.. And also a backstabing 2 timing 2 faced bitch!
Did yu hear what jade did to her "bestie"
She had sex with the brother..

Jade cheated on me with 7 guys..
by fullbar November 25, 2010

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