Jade is a girl who is someone you are blessed to have in your life. She has been through hell but always gets back on her feet and shows the world she is strong enough. A very naturally beautiful girl and someone who never fails to make you smile. Jade is someone you would love too spend everyday with and someone you can always count on too be there!
by heskey123 January 19, 2013
Dammnnn, that girl is so Jade
by TRUTHTELLER February 18, 2013
May as well be the daughter of Chuck Norris.
She always wins in a fight, and could practically throw you 30 meters if she tried.

No one wants to get on her bad side, those crystal blue eyes aren't always so appealing when they're mad at you.

She is very short tempered but loyal if you do the right thing by her.
Jodie; I heard Beth wants to fight Jade
Lexi; IS SHE CRAZY! I heard last week Jade threw James off the third story balcony! She'll get herself killed!

Jodie; Shh, here comes mini Norris now!
by AlexMicky December 31, 2012
Jades are the strangest, smelliest, uncivilized and never-take-bath-attitude community of people from the northern states of the Indian country (read: UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, shady parts of Delhi and MP). They can be easily smelt and identified by their random, confused looks, sounds they make, idiotic behavior in public and with other jades.

All Jades are north Indians but not all north Indians are Jades.

Jades get terribly excited and hyper when they hear Jade songs (usually terrible and random Hindi songs).

They will ALWAYS talk in Hindi, irrespective of where they are and whether the listener knows it or not.
Man, I can smell him from here. He must be a jade!

Gosh, what is that stench? There has to be a jade around!

Jade guy to a jade girl: "I liked to putted my hand on your big boobs."

Normal guy observing some Jades: "Wow, look at that Jade! He's trying to make a call from a payphone without inserting coins! Sigh, jades.."
by Surya.TheMan September 25, 2010
Jade is the best girl ever, she's a great athlete, good singer, in all very talented. She may come of a little rude at sometimes but she is a friend you never want to loose. She is loyal and always has your back. She is very random and is the class clown. she laughs at everythinngggShe is sweet and like able, very popular and beautiful. A lot of guys like her. She is very smart and knows her stuff. Just remember you don't want to get in trouble with her. She has 3 true friends. She always has a way to get her own ways. The boy that she likes always likes her. All in all, jade is perfect. <3 no joke
Person 1:Hey it's jade!
Person 2: OMGGGG!!!! Should I talk to her??
sweet cute funny
by Dnshsbshsjsns May 04, 2013
Jades are backstabbing, attention craving, boyfriend stealing whores. We all know that one Jade who drags her ugly arse around Portadown looking for the dick to munch on. They tend to be obsessed with a man on the first look and won't stop until they at least cut their name into her arm
Jade Adams sucks the cock like a motherfucker
by hitgirl.com December 17, 2011
Female; She's the shit. Obviously, and it's impossible to forget her. Why? Because nobody forgets the most awesome people they will ever meet. She kicks complete ass. She is just a kick ass person.
Kim: Do you remember Jade?
Brizzle: How could you not remember her?
by alphawolfexc1993 April 23, 2013

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