A pretty cool guy, who's well-known as player. His full name is actually Jack Sparrow. If you ever see him, you should try to get his autograph immediately.
A: Dude man, who's that?
B: He's Jack, Jack Sparrow.
A: Dude, I gotta get his autograph
by unstoppableyolo January 01, 2013
A strong minded man or boy, often gymnast and a show off, dates a lot of girls, steels and brown hair. Works hard and shows off his gynastic skills
Girl: "why would i date u, u have nearly gone out with the hole school"

Boy: " i know eight im such a jack
by ~Da- banta~ June 11, 2015
A flat out dumb chump who can't do anything
Who is that chump over there oh it's jack
by Jamer268856 May 31, 2015
A spoilt brat who always looks for attention.He will try anything to get to the top like invite people to his house and get the best of things.A jack is usually fat and lazy.Deep down a jack wants to be a good guy,but always beeds attention.
Omg! That asshole is such a jack
by Katy Perry Xx. May 14, 2015
Jack is a name for a boy who is very athletic. He usually is a comedian and has many friends. He will never stop talking and has love for one special person. He is very loyal and is also very dramatic. He has wonderful eyes and is always up for a challenge. He does not care what people think about him. He loves making people laugh and over thinks everything. He is determined to accomplish whatever comes his way.
Jack is a good friend always.
by ohmygudd May 06, 2015
Jack is a strong, intelligent, charming man. He is always helping others out and always has a smile on his face. Jack is also very brave. He is such a gentle men and it's always nice to be around jack
Girl: im moving to Tennessee
Jack: that's right. Cause your the only ten I see
by Jthomps22 December 12, 2014
Short for Jack Daniels - a popular, strong whiskey
Yo pass the jack!
by drunkhex April 12, 2013
King of Awesomeland that invented the term "BOOM™"
Jack really does know everything!
by gehenosterreich January 01, 2012
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