An amazing man that is very handsom and you will be sure to love him. He is a smart, amazing, funny, and HOT. I f you ever meet a jack you will be blown away by everything. All girls are sure to love jack even when you have not met because he is that amazing and sexy.

Next time you see a jack tell him how amzing and sexy he is.
Last time i saw someone that amzing and hit i was looking at jack
by Jack torbert May 27, 2016
A prefix denoting less than total commitment to one's ideology or belief system. It could be one believes in it but does not act on it, or does the bare minimum, or less, necessary to be able to claim that ideology, or merely sympathizes with an ideology and associates with its adherents. Originally used by Mormons to refer to vacillating or insincere members, and non-Mormon allies of the Church.
She says she's a Christian and believes in Jesus but she only goes to church on Easter and she hasn't actually read the Bible. I guess she's a Jack Christian.
by JohnMoreDread December 22, 2015
The ultimate fuck boy
"Yeah well they don't call him Jack for nothing"
by glittergal May 05, 2015
A short blonde who can be a jerk but can also can be the nicest guy ever when you need him if you meet a jack don't let him go
Jack is the best guy ever
by Grace c123 April 03, 2015
Guy who tries to wheel girls, but always ends up in the friendzone. See: Fuck Boy
"Yo, see that kid trying to wheel that girl, nigga ain't gettin shit. What a fuckin Jack dawg."
by Roach69 November 13, 2014
Usually a blond haired guy with amazing eyes. A jack is someone who will own everything, especially a girls heart.
Jack <3
by 11122235 December 27, 2011
a hot guy that will love you forever, and will never get over you. he will never cheat as long as he is with you. even though he is shy and gets nervous around you, he is still the best bf to have over any jerk. he has many girls that are friends and you probably will get jealous because of that, but dont worry he will still want you. he has the dark justin bieber hair that every girl loves when he flicks it, and has the most sexiest body you will ever see, plus he will always try to impress you, but after a mistake in front of you he may lose confidence :) that and he is an amazing kisser :D <3
girl 1. omg, have you seen jack today??
girl 2. damn yes, i would like to lick him up.
girl 1. not before i do ;D
girl 2. he gots the hots for me.
girl 1. he has got a girlfriend already.
girl 2. doesnt mean eh cant cheat ;D
by loveya;D December 20, 2011
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