Sarcastic cunt who plays Dark Souls
Jack knew someone would post this
by pornstar69xxxkittylick December 01, 2013
Jack is a small creature, of Irish origin, known for it's easily disrupted temper and compulsive lying. Jack's love to make threats that they well never deliver, not only this, but they get all up in people's faces when they are challenged, clicking their fingers as they do so, to try and seem larger then they really are. Most Jack's are pessimists, always attention seeking when a problem occurs.
"Hey billy, how are yu-"
A jack interrupts for attention.
by Mysterious Jack Hunter October 26, 2013
An amazing, extremely attractive guy with a wonderful personality. He keeps to himself, but even so is constantly hit on by girls lusting for his good looks. Even though he's kind of a loner, he will always be there for his friends and those he loves. He loves the color black and Japanese rock music, as well as anime and video games. He's a wonderful nerd who any girl would be super lucky to have.
"Wow, you see that guy over there? He's a real looker."
"Excuse me?"
"That guy standing there all alone in black. I usually don't go for that type, but god, that Jack is hot!"
"That's my fiancé you're talking about."
". . . You're the luckiest girl in the world."
by Jack Skellington's Lover October 21, 2013
Acronym for Just Another Confused Kaffir.
"Hey you JACK, I told you to cut the grass, not kill the grass"
by White Terror December 16, 2012
The most awkward person that has ever lived.
Girl 1: Did you talk to Jack at the alumni meeting today?

Girl 2: Yeah, he's still as awkward as ever...
by jackisweird October 21, 2012
Massive cock, very caring, strong and trustworthy
by Alix jackson August 15, 2012
J - Just
A - Antoher
C - Confused
K - Kafa
That guys is a fucking J.A.C.K!
by Dudet July 15, 2012

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