A Ginger human being that possesses pro skills, he has a big penis and is well known for his Ninja reflexes.
by The Wimping Weasel March 24, 2011
Philly slang for phone or cell phone.
(person 1) Yo man I need to get at cha..
(person 2) Alright, I got u, but I gotta run quick, hit up my jack later.
(person 1) aight.
by Inkdup420 January 20, 2011
Toilet, restroom, bathroom...
I'm just off to the jacks.
by Sista from anotha Mista July 25, 2005
slang for converse jack purcell sneakers, similar to the shortening of chuck taylor to chucks

jack purcell was a badminton player in the early 20th century.
jacks are comfortable and will always be hip.
by uplate March 06, 2005
A very moist boy-man-child with a creepy smile and a butters hairline. Jack will perv on girl's boobs and will, if encountered with the chosen female to bond with, he will perform a cleveland steamer to the woman's breasts. To meet a Jack is very unlucky and must be avoided at all costs, the Jack is most likely a French, thin young man that loves to moisten his very small ball sack.

He loves to poke you on Facebook nonstop and in real life if you are not careful. Always carry pepper spray if you ever come across Jack. He is a very dangerous one that has Ebola and Aids.
Girl: Ugh there was this creepy guy at the club, I think his name was Jack
by PoopyDiapers October 02, 2014
A british jackass that annoys the fuck out of others, also known as Anon, will most likely lurk underneath your bed requesting to play video games
"That guy is such a Jack, look at him,"
"Oh yeah, he called me his m8 one day"
"he called me a faggot"
by stitchez July 07, 2014
Jack is a small creature, of Irish origin, known for it's easily disrupted temper and compulsive lying. Jack's love to make threats that they well never deliver, not only this, but they get all up in people's faces when they are challenged, clicking their fingers as they do so, to try and seem larger then they really are. Most Jack's are pessimists, always attention seeking when a problem occurs.
"Hey billy, how are yu-"
A jack interrupts for attention.
by Mysterious Jack Hunter October 26, 2013

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