A Jack!! something a fag on roids uses to lift his fucking wife beater shirt with but gets kicked in the fucking face with sand, A kid you don't fucking know..Aperson, A human..not an object a shirt or a fucking pill to take..A regualar kid who doesn't want sympthic emotional fucking weirdos lookin up his ass with a magnify' glass..Not a friend that you can just pay to hv or pick for yourself not a one sided clown, A Jack is the name of the oldest man of alltime, not a bottom feeding chavanist prick lovin fucking politician, not a buck in your wallet and no fucking bull literally.. Jack doesn't respond to fucking clowns and circus contenders lay off..he doesn't need a free fucking lunchbox juice box, Jack is not a fucking milkman..doesn't like milkfags.. step off!!
I know Jack??
by Atlantislens August 21, 2016
Jacks are very hot, but are very flirtatious. If you are dating jack you have to be ready for disappointment. He will love you but flirt with other girls. He has some good friends but can't keep many secrets. Jack is a nice guy
Girl 1: hey is that a jack? He's cute!
Girl 2: ya he is but be careful

Girl 1: why
Girl 2: see him flirting with those girls?
Girl 1: ya, so what?
Girl 2: he has a girlfriend....
Girl 1: ohhhh
by Humphrey12 May 22, 2016
A beautiful man, inside and out who makes you feel like the most special person in the world. He is very intelligent and thinks about others. He puts the ones he loves before himself and is always up for a good conversation. If you meet a Jack, you will most definitely fall for him!
I didn't mean to fall in love with Jack, he's just amazing!
by Guitar playing goat June 13, 2016
Jack's are beautiful guys, inside and out! Usually tall with blonde hair that you want to run your fingers through, and their eyes, don't even get me started! The most beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when they laugh. If you happen to be friends with a Jack, I'm so sorry, cause chances are you have a MASSIVE crush on him. He is the full package and he doesn't even know it, and if you somehow manage to get into a relationship with a Jack then you better thank the heavens and keep a tight hold on him.
Girl 1: "Omg I spoke to Jack today and I couldn't stop staring into his eyes!"

Girl 2: "Wait don't you have a boyfriend?"

Girl 1: "Yeah I do, but this is JACK!!!"

Girl 2: "True, you go girl!"
by Anongirl27 July 06, 2016
Jack is someone who makes lame jokes and has little to no street smarts.
Jack: Can I use a learners permit to see a R-rated movie

Staff: No sorry you have to be 18 years or older
by Masta Pimp OG August 31, 2016
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