A great wonderful guy that everyone will fall in love with. With rocker abs and hott as hell. You will dream about him when he sings you to sleep. Mostly very shy but worth it. He gets mad when his friends try to take u away from him.
Girl: I love you.
Jack: I love you too.
Girl: Awww you are so sweet.
Jack: Thanks and im sorry about my friend today he tryed to flirt with you and i got pissed.

Girl: Its fine. :) <3
by SEXY GIRL! October 26, 2011
jack is someone with a maasive cock, and nice nipples, he is tasty in bed and has good taste in music.
'oh you've got a big cock'
'yeah its called jack'
by lovejackybabieeeeeeeeeeee October 15, 2011
Extremely gay and short. A guy that is sexually attractive to guys.
Jack is the guy who can get all the guys hearts.
by Pen15lover69 February 02, 2016
A egotistical perversed man with an extremely small penis that uses large dildos. He thinks he wins every argument because he's Jewish, but really he's black.
Man:why does that guy have a small penis?

by Man with a large penis October 14, 2015
A guy who is a totally obsessive Virgin who will stop at nothing for a girl to touch him. Be careful, if you start to talk to him it's hard to get away from his latch.
Girl 1: I met this guy last night he wouldn't leave me alone

Girl 2: oh sounds like a jack
by Sassy Sally October 01, 2015
A strong minded man or boy, often gymnast and a show off, dates a lot of girls, steels and brown hair. Works hard and shows off his gynastic skills
Girl: "why would i date u, u have nearly gone out with the hole school"

Boy: " i know eight im such a jack
by ~Da- banta~ June 11, 2015
Jack is a name for a boy who is very athletic. He usually is a comedian and has many friends. He will never stop talking and has love for one special person. He is very loyal and is also very dramatic. He has wonderful eyes and is always up for a challenge. He does not care what people think about him. He loves making people laugh and over thinks everything. He is determined to accomplish whatever comes his way.
Jack is a good friend always.
by ohmygudd May 06, 2015
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