A man of particularly playboy-esque character who is so insanely successful with women that the only way to describe his sheer prowess with the opposite sex is to compare his mammoth ability with the fictional sci-fi character of a similar name.
Example of the use of 'Jabba the Slut'

"Man, that guy devoured so many women tonight on the dance floor, it was like watching Jabba the Hut eat after a 50 day fasting session! From now on let him be known as Jabba the Slut".
by MDEN84 September 10, 2009
Top Definition
A grossly obese, skanky, mean-ass female who can only keep a man by sleeping with him.
My stepsister weighs 300 pounds and has a kid who she doesn't even know the name of the father. She is Jabba the Slut.
by cygna April 23, 2005
a very skanky fat gross ho who usually has herpes, and once someone fucks said slut, they immediately feel ashamed, and get made fun of
adele is such a slut, she sucks off every guy she sees, and shes gross too, shs auch a jabba the slut
by matt July 27, 2006
An obese tramp who looks like a clown due to too much makeup and hair dye.

She should invest in a nose job to attempt to look like the beastly version of her hot sister, instead of the Down Syndrome step-child.

At least now her husband has some titties to fuck. No doubt it's tighter in between them than both her ass and cunt combined.

If we could find that soiled beef curtain amongst her lard thighs, we would use it as a petri dish for all venereal diseases.

When the world needs a reminder of her, we'll stick motherfucking provolone in our socks at night, so they smell like her crotch in the morning.
Your body went from Princess Lay-ya to Jabba the Slut.
by I_Hate_Tami March 22, 2011
A fat chick who ends up on Maury with about five different men who could be her "baby daddy." Generally speaking, none of them are.
Did you see that Jabba-the-Slut on Maury yesterday? They must've had ten guys on the show.
by Greasy Bastard June 17, 2008
a fat girl that acts like a slut and can't easily pass as a halloween costume that you find in K-Mart.
The are found usually in schools but some are found at clubs, bars, tents, circus, and Wal-Marts. You are not safe around these girls because usually they want to steal your man from you and will go to any cost for them to do so.

Also, they can be any single girl thats ugly inside and out, and shes only good for booty calls.

The best way to get rid of a Jabba slut is to say that your man hates hoes, or just flat out beat her ass. That is not as effective because you might lose your hands or just get flattened but either way just watch out.
Chels, girllll, i got so mad at her she sittin there lookin like she came out of the Stars Wars,,walkin up on me I asked her wheres R2D2 Jabba the Slut.
by meaniewtf June 08, 2009
A huge woman with questionable character. These women thinck they are hot because they usually have large breasts. Of course they are large all over which negates the huge mammories. Also a large percentage of these women have red hair.
Bill: Have you ever has sex with Amber"
Tom: No way, she's such a jabba the slut and besides I don't like red hair.
Bill: Yeah ....I know what you mean, I think our Dear friend John slept with her though.
Tom: Well Ole DJ is a loser and is no trip to Paris himself.
by crash_tx101 January 28, 2007
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