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a fat girl that acts like a slut and can't easily pass as a halloween costume that you find in K-Mart.
The are found usually in schools but some are found at clubs, bars, tents, circus, and Wal-Marts. You are not safe around these girls because usually they want to steal your man from you and will go to any cost for them to do so.

Also, they can be any single girl thats ugly inside and out, and shes only good for booty calls.

The best way to get rid of a Jabba slut is to say that your man hates hoes, or just flat out beat her ass. That is not as effective because you might lose your hands or just get flattened but either way just watch out.
Chels, girllll, i got so mad at her she sittin there lookin like she came out of the Stars Wars,,walkin up on me I asked her wheres R2D2 Jabba the Slut.
by meaniewtf June 08, 2009
a girl who flaunts and teases. Usually a bitch about it, she be saying that she doesn't care that girls hate her and all she needs is men. That is untrue of course because she really wants to "fit in" with the other girls.

Watch out this girl isn't as dumb as she looks, she knows what shes doing and usually will befriend a man before she makes her move, so ladies watch your men and don't let him hang out with his lady friend because she's usually just a trick
trick get the hell out of my house
trick i wish you would walk up on me.
by meaniewtf June 08, 2009
animal fat

or a person thats really fat and thinks it super funny

a funny looking fat thing
Jabba the Hut.... what a lard?!?
Put some lard on that pan girl!?!
by meaniewtf June 08, 2009

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