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An adjective used to describe a promiscuous person.
That bitch is a petri dish. Better come strapped, if ya know what I mean.
by GNox August 04, 2007
31 6
The vagina of a girl prone to infections, itches, bacteria, etc.
Yo G, Deb is hot and all but man she's got a petri dish on her ~ she keeps getting crabs!
by Link Hoggthrob April 01, 2004
18 15
A very useful peice of scientific equipment but also an EPIC way to bamboozle friends and even enemys.
To call someone a petri dish is like calling sombody a douche bad or an idiot.
ben:" hey joey, go home!" joey:"SHUT UP YOU PETRI DISH."
by nyancatpwns May 24, 2011
3 9
Chris Rigge petri dish
Man my fourth yr looks like petri dish- has bacteria on face
by j n April 20, 2005
4 11