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1 definition by I_Hate_Tami

An obese tramp who looks like a clown due to too much makeup and hair dye.

She should invest in a nose job to attempt to look like the beastly version of her hot sister, instead of the Down Syndrome step-child.

At least now her husband has some titties to fuck. No doubt it's tighter in between them than both her ass and cunt combined.

If we could find that soiled beef curtain amongst her lard thighs, we would use it as a petri dish for all venereal diseases.

When the world needs a reminder of her, we'll stick motherfucking provolone in our socks at night, so they smell like her crotch in the morning.
Your body went from Princess Lay-ya to Jabba the Slut.
by I_Hate_Tami March 22, 2011