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A huge woman with questionable character. These women thinck they are hot because they usually have large breasts. Of course they are large all over which negates the huge mammories. Also a large percentage of these women have red hair.
Bill: Have you ever has sex with Amber"
Tom: No way, she's such a jabba the slut and besides I don't like red hair.
Bill: Yeah ....I know what you mean, I think our Dear friend John slept with her though.
Tom: Well Ole DJ is a loser and is no trip to Paris himself.
by crash_tx101 January 28, 2007
Someone who has just murdered his hooker girlfriend and forced her out on the streets to do tricks a week later.
Bob is a murdering rat bastard. I know he killed his girlfriend, because I had sex with her the following week.
by crash_tx101 January 26, 2007
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